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NDP's Greatest Threat: Reality And Common Sense

The NDP are full voting members of Socialist International (SI): a global organization with members in over 160 countries.

The very purpose of SI: " is to strengthen relations between the affiliated parties and to coordinate their political attitudes and activities by consent."

SI's objective is to create a fairer world through democratic socialism.

A crucial and very telling connection is that the NDP party is strategically aligned with this organization.  NDP has voting rights, speaking rights and pays dues to be a full member (3.1).

Logically, what is the expression of these "strengthened and affiliated parties" where they can "coordinate their political attitudes?"  The New Democratic Party Socialist Caucus clearly answers this.  By overturning capitalism with socialism.  It's in her manifesto.  Please take 15 minutes to marvel at the incredible agenda that they strategically have.  Here are just a few quips that should cause you to wish their ideas were on the "endangered species list" not running hysterically through a 100 member caucus.

-The global capitalist system is today in the throes of a massive economic, political, environmental and social crisis. If the capitalist system continues to exist, growing poverty, violence, war and repression and environmental degradation will be the fate of working people across Canada and around the world. The Socialist Caucus of the NDP does not believe that it is possible for working people anywhere to achieve significant and permanent social and political progress without transcending the limits of capitalism. A prerequisite is the establishment of Socialist governments all across the country, federally and provincially.

-Probably the most basic democratic right ever conceived is that those who create the wealth of society should own and control it. It is to the realization of this right that the NDP Socialist Caucus commits itself.

-By a socialist system we mean the replacement of the private ownership of the major means of production, distribution, banking and exchange with social ownership under workers' self-management and democratic government. A socialist NDP government would as a first order of priority institute a system of economic planning with the objective of satisfying human needs rather than private profit.

-A socialist NDP also means a more democratic NDP, where the leadership, especially when in government, implements the policies adopted via the democratic structures of the party.

And by the way,

The Socialist Caucus is open to all members of the NDP. Those who wish to participate in the work of the Caucus but are not members of the NDP will be able to join the party at meetings of the Caucus.

On SI's homepage they congratulate the NDP party on their historic results citing: "The unprecedented surge of support for the New Democrats comes on the back of a strong manifesto committing to major restructuring of Canada’s pension plan...(etc)."

Where do we see a connection between their SI and NDP manifesto, and a practical strategic "coordination of political attitudes"?  Very clearly, in a list of resolutions they have developed to advance the NDP party.

If your meal is still down, I mean no ill will to bring it up by citing a list of their resolutions.  I am simply trying to advise the (hidden) agenda of the NDP party and drawing clear connections for your benefit.

A couple of the big ones:
3. Nationalize U.S. Steel
4. Close the Alberta Tar Sands
12. Nationalize the Big Banks and Insurance companies
13. Nationalize Big Oil and Gas
18. Democratic Control of the Telecommunications Industry
22. Raise the Minimum Wage (uh, to $17 Canadian dollars per hour.)
25. Share the Work, Shorten the Work Week (to a less oppressive duration of 32 hours)
33. Social Ownership of Primary Industries (translation: you make money, jump ship)

Before you say, "uh, that's not the NDP party, that's the SI giving suggestions to the NDP so it's different"
then I respond with:
If the NDP are not socialists at the core, then why are they members of a socialist organization?
If the NDP are not 'generally' in line with these suggestions, why do they become members of a group that says it's thier purpose to further advance the NDP's socialistic cause?
Why then can only NDP members be a part of the Socialist Cacus (which further highlights the closeness of strategic relationships?)
Hmm....thought logical answer except for:
Socialist International has the NDP party as a member.  They are of 'kindered spirits' even if they do not agree on every point.  Their own manifesto says, "
"There are of coarse many New Democrats who, while believing in Socialism, do not agree with all of our ideas. But they too must reject the Third Way. Together, we may not agree on exactly how to get there, but we all want a path to a socialist Canada, in a socialist world. We need simply to agree that all our efforts should aim to advance the socialist project! We must therefore reject the Third Way. There are only two ways -- socialism or capitalism."

They are one in mind and purpose despite petty differences. Do not let the NDP point to petty disagreements to create the illusion of independence. 

No NDP member will be able to evade the above logic.  (Despite how emotional and recklessly accusatory they become.  Logic is still Logic. A is not is A: that kind of logic).

NDP are socialists looking to overturn Canada's evil capitalist society.  They are linked with an overarching group: SI to achieve this.  No amount of spin and accusations can deny this reality.  With 100 seats in Parliament, we must take the following 3 action items:

1. Press the NDP party with the following questions:
a) Why did you not let your voters know you were members of the SI organization whereby they indicate their purpose is to work with you to create a socialist Canada?
b)If you do not 'generally agree' with the socialist caucus agenda, then how can you be members? Or, if you 'generally agree' then why did you not tell Canadians of all the socialistic themes you are advocating and working towards?
c) how can you accuse others of hidden agenda's yet not present these facts to Canadian voters?

2.  Keep your eyes peeled for my 'in defense of capitialism' encouragement video and reflect on it.

3.  Think about your life and freedoms. We Canadians are experts in the area of being passive.  Lets decide enough is enough and voice our ideas about protecting the free market.  Brag about your generous attitude and how you invest in others serving and giving!  Our way of life may depend on it.


  1. You realize that the Socialist Caucus is an opposition group within the NDP, right? A group that opposes current NDP policy? You know their candidate for leader of the NDP got 1.1% of the vote, right?

    And I assume you know that the Socialist International has nothing to do with the Socialist Caucus, correct? And that the SI is "the worldwide organisation of social democratic, socialist and labour parties"? "Social democratic" like the NDP, you know? And you must be aware that its membership includes the Israeli Labor Party, the German SDP and Tony Blair's New Labour, right?

    If you wanna stop the NDP from forming government, you had better do better than that. How about starting by grounding your critizism in something other than transparent attempts to mislead people as to what the NDP represents.

  2. Thank you Anonymous, seems like most of your points are found within:
    and yes, i did know these points. The only other point you mention is there is no connection, to which I urge you to consider I said, "kindered spirits". The same 'attitude' found in the socialist Caucus is found in the principeles of SI. Further to this, Mr. Layton has affirmed and promoted various resolutions found within their resolutions. Since his party does not post their const. we are left to draw these logical points. In terms of doing better then that, i plan to. I employ 35 people and am in the business of valuing people through increased skills and changed lives. This argument is 'real life' and works against socialism in 'real time'. Thanks again for your comment.

  3. Thanks Ryan. I was not aware of this connection. It is certainly not how I view my Canada. Here in SK we've had many NDP governments and we've seen how nationalized companies operate. They are generally unproductive. Nationalized Potash Corp of Saskatchewan was an example. They simply could not make money as a gov't entity. Once they were sold to the private sector they began making money again and are today very profitable indeed, and contributing greatly to the prosperity of the province. There are many other examples (Spudco, Pork companies, etc). Saskatchewan has stagnated under NDP/socialist regimes since the thirties. Our population had remained generally unchanged throughout this period. Now we have a more capitalistic government we are growing and prospering again. I shutter to think what would happen if the entire country was under the clutches of socialism. Just look a the Saskatchewan experiment for an idea.

  4. Annonymous at 11 May 2011 19:39

    Perhaps you could explain why it is reported in the MSM that the Socialist Caucus will be attending the NDP convention later on this summer. This was reported in a recent article by the CBC or National Post.

    Also, Could you explain why the NDP consitution was removed from their website.

    Not suggesting there is anything hidden here but the NDP are now in the spotlight. There are questions that need to be answered. No offence to you but a spokesperson for the NDP should officially clarify this. Keep in mind that this an internet message board and anything said here is nothing official.

  5. Anon sounds like a NDP member or at least a supporter to try to delude people this way. All one needs to do is to look at the track record of the NDP, federal or provincial, along with their policies to understand that it is indeed a socialist party. Actually the name itself is a dead giveaway; much like "The People's Party"., and furthermore socialism and communism are for all intents and purposes the same. They only differ in how to reach the same goal.

  6. Please note I acknowledge Socialist Caucus as a 'fringe element' of the NDP party and may only represent a fraction of the overall objectives. My point was not to use a fraction to represent the whole as that is a logical fallacy. I acknowledge how lack of further explanation created the appearance of this: I take responsibility for this and will look to improve the 'message behind the message' in future posts. This is a blog message with a point, not a 10 page essay, so I have some hard work to do yet to ensure I am fair in my analysis. The macro point is valid still: There are 'kindred spirits' between the socialist Caucus, Socialist International and NDP…despite how 'loose' or informal the connections. The NDP party has provided no constitution to establish their viewpoint, only catchphrases like 'we want to fight for families'. The "attitude" of socialist international is the same as NDP and clearly by the similar positions of the NDP. With the 32 resolutions shared by Socialist caucus one would only have to do research to see the 'attitude' is the same with the NDP: government planned economy: socialism. I acknowledge the 'degrees' are different (and my post did not factor this difference in degree's; sorry) and pointing out I failed to mention this is fair criticism. Thank you.


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