Friday, 13 May 2011

Time To Be Refreshed!

From a few years ago.  Abby: left (uh sorry...the lady on the left side) and myself. 

At first, writing a blog was just a 'cool idea' to share some core values.  I did a video encouraging people to look within and somehow SDA posted it and the response has been incredible.  I look forward sharing more pending it serves you and advances your cause.

I have 'fought in the trenches' within the manufacturing industry for over 10 years.  I learned incredible lessons: most often the hard way.  When I come home, I will look to focus on a few key topics:

1. Inspire you to think: not inspire you to agree.
2. Encourage you.  Often we need encouragement and people affirming us, not the "right idea". Hmm...
3.  How we conservatives live our lives should be the most powerful argument against socialism.  Much more to say on this.
4. Help advance others in their work: growth is cool...let's think and connect with people to learn, grow and advance!

As you read various blogs' then offer your comments, I challenge you to 'connect' your argument to how you live your life.  If we believe in limited government and helping are we expressing this and serving others?

Please check out my blog entries over the next week especially, "So Thankful..." and "So Thankful part 2".

On a personal note, I am thankful to Kate (SDA) for her inspiration.
I am thankful to people who have posted on my blogs.  Thank you for your incredible support and ideas.
I am thankful to several employees who's persistent encouragement and changed lives inspired me to share with others.

Have a good week;
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