Friday, 6 May 2011

Moving Forward

I hope to advance the 'left-right debate' in Canada!++

My conclusion:  The free market is good and we need honest debate about the left/right approach in Canada.

I would like to ask the left to take all their passion and energy they spend looking to create programs and redirect it. What if the left redirected all that passion, energy and enthusiasm towards building their own businesses and becoming a financial success* instead?  I believe they could then give all their money to those in need.  Since so many people voted NDP to `work hard for families`, why not start with building businesses, working hard and giving it away?   I believe left leaning Politicians spend too much time arguing over the spoils of other people’s success and not enough time encouraging their voter base to create their own.  The people of Canada should focus on creating success for themselves, family and friends by the free market…not government programs.  This will create such a powerful degree of surplus, that we would not need government programs. Needs would be met privately. 

If this is a problem for the left, then I believe we need to ask, why do you not like the free market?

Action Items for the left in Canada:

1. Please consider starting your own business (merely an example of a good opportunity) where you have unlimited potential to earn. Once you build your business and earn money, you can invest/give away to causes you are passionate about!
2. If you do not believe the solution is to start your own business, then I would like to understand your problem/challenge with the free market. Please also explain why you feel comfortable voting for a party that is using profits generated by the free market to fund your selection of programs.  It comes off as a contradiction to me when I hear: "I want to use other people's money from the free market to fund programs I care about…but I do not want to use the free market to earn my own money and privately give to the same programs". 

I am calling for honesty in discussion.  If you like the free market, then why not use it?  If you don't like the free market, then please say so.  But I do submit that the left, in politics, come off as quietly disliking the free market all the while openly extracting from those who seem to love it.  It seems like sleight of hand.

I will be a leader and open up honest debate: "Hi, my name is Ryan Jantzi and I am 31 years old.  I own an Aerospace Machine shop.  I have the honor of employing 35 people. I will play my cards and ask you to as well.  I love the free market: it is good (although anyone can tell you that very bad stuff happens within it). My passion has been for 10 years and will continue to be: to help and serve others.  To listen, learn and grow with people.  To see people increase skills brings joy to me.  To see people advance brings joy to me.  I would submit the 'root cause' of poverty can be solved by the free market: especially in Canada.  I am doing the best with what I know to help others and build with others. I have spent thousands of hours working with people in deplorable situations.  My heart is heavy for terrible situations people are in and fighting to come out of.  Unlike the left, I look to free the market for freedom for me and those in my world.  I do not look to bind it in chains with endless laws and taxes.  I do not act like a victim and scold the bully free market for punishing me however tempting at times.  This does not mean I care less than anyone just means I care differently than my friends who think towards the left.  I hope to hear from all perspectives; especially if there are any business owners who understand what I am saying."

++ I am generalizing with 'left' and 'right' to advance a discussion and make no claim that 'all of the left/right fit into a certain box.
*I said "financial success".  Please note I believe true success is building loving relationships.  I believe we are a financial success (in part) when we have money to not only meet our needs, but those around us!


  1. A very positive side effect of your proposal would be to lift the poor out of their circumstances and allow them to prosper themselves. If I'm helping someone my goal would be to help them become self sufficient. I would have no interest in helping them forever and enabling their laziness (in those circumstances where they are able bodied). When government looks after these needs it tends to create a dependent class rather than individuals who endeavour to look after themselves.

  2. well said ryan, i love how blunt and clear you put things! It's real, true, straight forward. Thanks for bringing such clarity

  3. "I believe left leaning Politicians spend too much time arguing over the spoils of other people’s success and not enough time encouraging their voter base to create their own. The people of Canada should focus on creating success for themselves, family and friends by the free market…not government programs." GOLD my friend. GOLD


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