Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Conservatives Will Rise Or Fall On...

As a follow up to my "Owner Appeals" video, I am proud to say, "we won!".
Conservative Politicians are typically perceived as arrogant and prideful.  Big heads and 'now I control the world, do my bidding'.

I appeal to Conservative Politicians: HUMILITY will be your rise or downfall.  Walk in humility. 

Action Items for the Conservative Majority!:

(When reading, what can we draw from this and incorporate in our life?)
1. Recognize how you are perceived by so many Canadians. 
Stop wondering why only 4 out of 10 people vote for you.  When you come across as prideful and arrogant, you devalue other people who you disagree with; which further complicates the whole 'rich and powerful vs. poor and needy'.  Don't widen the very gap you are trying to close by being full of pride.  We don't need to coddle or compromise, but you can still better present yourself as sincere and caring.
2. Operate in humility. 
a) Listen as much as possible; thank people for sharing and take notes.  Look at them when they speak to you and try to smile.  This communicates interest in the other person and in turn values them.
b) Affirm where possible.  Instead of arguing with 'the other view', gently point out the good in what they are saying, "thanks for sharing that, I really agree with 'caring for others'.  Please note that we choose to express this differently.  Here are 3 private groups with the same passion as you".  You can disagree AND be respectful all at the same time.
c) Be transparent.  Too often conservatives view transparency as a form of weakness.  Admit when you make mistakes or bad judgments.  These are critical aspects of the free market fellas.  You need to model a 'CEO' leadership attitude and say, "we missed the call".  When you do not, you infuriate the left and they feel it reinforces long held negative perceptions of the 'high and mighty squashing the lowly'.
In time I will have much to say about humility, but for now, I hope this gets the discussion going.
3. Have Courage!
When talking to the media, Conservative Politicians walk like they have a tail between their legs half the time.  They have this illusion of 'political correctness' in the media preventing them from saying, "why would we fund something that is not within our jurisdiction to fund?  We encourage the private sector to jump on that need as it appears truly great!". They are afraid to say the words and give a low level blab that stirs the left to fury and the right just rolls their eyes.  Hit the ball back to the private sectors court and stop being afraid of the powerful media calling you ruthless.  Show them a success story where you saw a need...pointed to the private sector...have them meet the need then brag about how the conservatives ARE compassionate because they lowered taxes to permit the private sector to more efficiently and lovingly meet the need! 

Where am I going wrong friends?


  1. I think this is quite good, Ryan. Good advice to any politician.

  2. Excellent advise. Further to your 3rd point, Conservatives need to boldly explain their point of view, not run for the hills as soon as there is disagreement, perceived or otherwise. I find this especially cowardly. They need to be better prepared to articulate their view. Some do so well but not many. Conservatives have a long uphill road to gain respect from the media. This respect should not be won by compromise but by following the points articulated in you article.


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