Tuesday, 18 October 2011

1 Trillion Cheers For Ron Paul


1 Trillion in cuts is exactly what the US needs to get a handle on it's debt.  Some economists argue it will lead to a recession. Well, current trends will lead to a Greece style collapse...so, take your pick.  I'll take my the short term pain with an expanded free market, less (smarter) regulation, less debt and smaller government.  This guy is more appealing then ever because we are living out the consequences of his warning from years ago: he was right.  He is offering exactly what I believe Canada needs: an American government that knows it's role and stays in bounds.  The left will not figure it out, so we need to live it out: create jobs via the free market being free!  Live it out by taking your saved tax dollars and re-investing (yes, you can invest with capital, and not debt...crazy notion eh?).  Real growth is possible. Ron Paul seems to be the only US politician with the political backbone to take us there!  Hey Ron,  this entry represents the views of at least 40 Canadians, you have our support!

1 comment:

  1. Ha! Good call! I think I'm one of the 40 Canadian supporters. Go Ron Paul!!!


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