Friday, 21 October 2011

What The Left Fears: A Logical Point Of View

                                                     (2 swears..or so)
The most logical and coherent speech from an occupy wall street protester to date.  This guy's message is the only legitimate thing I have seen come from wall street!  If this was the ONLY message, I would join the movement.  Sadly, it's the free market on trial, not abuses.  Regardless, great least check out a minute or 2.
This guy wants to free the markets and end government crazy stuff.
Capitalism needs this message.

Freeing the market, ending the fed, government waste/spending and ending crony capitalism is the answer here.  If the left truly wanted to end the abuses, this would be the answer they piggy back on.  Sadly, this guy is an incredible minority in the marches: it's all about taking and re-giving under larger government.  Social equality and justice through forced redistribution of wealth is what this march is about.  Anyway, it was great to see this beacon of light in a wold of dim protesters.

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  1. Awesome. This guy should run for president. Just awesome.


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