Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Violent Anti-Austerity Protests Grip Greek Capital

Why is the term "Anti-Austerity" and not, "pro-bankruptcy"?  The unnatural craving for other people's money is difficult to fathom.  I thought our NDP party was bad.  The NDP'ers are free market warriors of justice compared to the people of Greece.  Perhaps France and Germany should pull out of their welfare bailout and we can let the people 'win': and all programs will be saved.  Oh, oh...then they will not only default on their bonds, but will also bankrupt their government and lose much more then the proposed austerity. Are the protesters of Greece un-informed, or choosing to turn a blind eye?

Here is a more detailed description of their position...and yes, I am still working on my creativity...


  1. You know I just think the whole thing is so sad. For people to be so furious and feel so cornered that they need to protest so violently!?! It's crazy. It just reminds me how important it is to teach my kids to take responsibility for what is theirs. And to reach out and help those around them. Choosing to live hand and hand with each other. Loving on those around you instead of blaming others for your situation. When we were in a stage where we were totally broke, we didn't look to the government to bale us out. We worked hard!!! Loved on others, stayed connected to a local church, and we made it through with the help of incredible friends and people who cared about a young family who was working hard but not quite making it. It was people around us who were in our lives that helped us get back on our feet. Not tax dollars.


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