Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Gorgeous Lady Calls It Quits

Kylie Bisutti, Former Victoria Secret Angel
Angel quits job to model Proverbs 31

“I quit lingerie modeling altogether because I wanted to honor God with my life and my husband with my body,” Kylie Bisutti wrote in an email to the Lariat. “I strive to live in the example of Christ, and I want girls to feel loved [for] their inner qualities.”
In her blog post, the model wrote about how her Victoria’s Secret dreams came true. She wrote of her religious “awakening,” when she learned “how to be truly beautiful,” which she said is separate from external beauty, and how to live for God instead of for herself.
“I feel that if I want to pursue [being] a Proverbs 31 wife, I must be pure in the way that I present my body; I must be a lover of people, kind hearted, humble and meek… When I was modeling lingerie, I was not humble, I was not pure, and many men fell into temptation looking at pictures of me half naked,” she wrote.

Congratulations to Kylie for her stand up position!  This reminds me that my moral convictions should be used to love and serve people.  Moral convictions are not 'baseball bats'.  I desire to write these blogs with that in mind.

Kylie has encouraged me to continue my journey which includes only having eyes only for my beautiful wife! Abby, I love you!


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