Wednesday, 22 February 2012

My Logic And Problem With Vic Toews

It took some time to jump on the VIC Rail Train due to my inability to process how a conservative MP could be so irrational in their process of thought.  I tried to break down my beef...


  1. It's very,very simple equation,you're either with us or against us,and I'm with the govt.,as I have nothing,I say nothing to hide so I agree with the govt.Do whatever you can to put these people away where they belong.

  2. If you oppose the Dear Leader then you are a traitor. Debating the merits of a bill is unacceptable.

  3. C-30 is the single largest blunder of my party to date, and may well cost them their majority next election. I'm furious with them, my membership is at stake on this issue.
    When even multi-year, sustaining donor CPC members like me are willing to walk away from the Conservatives, you know they really, really shat the bed with the introduction of this odious Bill.

  4. gerald, i hope those words don't come back and bite you. we must never give government the level of control they want. how many times in the last 100 years have we seen the slippery slope or the thin edge of the wedge lead to a fall or a wide open door for our so called masters to keep us in line. history shows what can happen when people give up freedom for socalled security. old white guy.


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