Thursday, 23 February 2012

Put Your Hand Up If You Want Apple's Problem!

Apple 'has more money than it needs', says chief Tim Cook

He told its annual general meeting in Cupertino, California, that Apple was in "active discussions" about what to do with the cash pile. "The board and management team are thinking about this very deeply," Mr Cook said.

customers wait outside the Apple store in Munich before the start of sales of the iPad2

Often times poverty activists overlook the success of others when dealing with poverty. Apple is teaching all of us a powerful lesson: give people what they want and money will find you.

This is a lesson for the rich and poor. Serve people. Excel. Exchange your time and talents for money and you will be rewarded. The key here is to teach rich and poor people that we were made to serve and create. If we lack...then serve. If we are in want...create. If we are stuck and at a dead end, then seek help and learn to create and serve.

Often times we overplay 'relief' through programs and handouts calling it compassion. To me, compassion is investing in people’s lives to teach them (while learning ourselves) how to serve and create. Then, as Apple and many other people/companies demonstrate, money will find us.

Often times we are taught to complain and gripe at those who succeed. We often strategize how we can extract wealth from companies with money. Instead, we should learn to develop attitudes and patterns of serving and creating so we can enjoy the very things we want. We are not limited by 'them winning', we are limited by us believing we too can win then walking it out.  As a leader, I am determined to help others serve and create such that they will enjoy the fruit of their work.  Will you join me?

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  1. Perhaps - just perhaps - they could pay their workers a bit more (the people who actually produce the goods).


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