Monday, 6 February 2012

Who knew? STD's And Seniors...Kaboom!

The 'dramatic' rise of STDs among senior citizens    

The good news: Adults between the ages of 50 and 90 are having more sex than ever before, according to a new British study. The bad news? There has been a corresponding rise in HIV, syphilis, chlamydia, and other STDs among these older adults. Here's what you should know about the "dramatic" uptick:

(Why is 'dramatic' in quotations? I would have done, 'rise'...)

 Between online dating and Viagra, elderly people are having more sex, which has given rise to more sexually transmitted diseases among the senior set.

Is it 'caveman' of me to think it's simply a good idea to have (ideally) one partner for life and wait until marriage for sex? 
The article suggests, 'be cautious'. Perhaps there is more to it then being cautious...?

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  1. SOunds like boomers who "taught their parents well."


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