Sunday, 5 February 2012

A Conservative Compassionate Response To Caterpillar

Just because a person appreciates the free market being free does not mean they are void from caring for others.  Quite to the contrary of typical stereotypes, I believe a conservative position best enables us to express true compassion because it is done from our free will and not forced by taxes/debt and laws.

With this being said, I feel sad for the families affected by Caterpillars decision to move their operations down south.  It's a terrible thing when you invest your time and talents into an organisation and you feel they do not value you as a person.  I know there are several employers out there who desire to earn a profit and value people all at the same time. 

In my last entry, I pointed out that shareholders made a decision with respect to what they own.  I have no control over their choice however, I do have control over how I choose to use my time and talents.  This is quite likely an incredibly small offer, however it is something: I am offering to review resumes of anyone who was recently laid off from Caterpillar.  I have viewed 1000's of resumes in my day and am passionate about helping people put their best foot forward.  I have received a lot of feedback over the years as to how I have helped developed resumes that best suit the employers needs.  If that initial edit goes well, I would agree to stay in touch via phone to provide encouragement, advice and support to help you find your next job.  Again, it's not much, but something*.

Furthermore, keep your eyes open for Canada Job bank as each of my companies either have ad's out or will have adds out shortly.  I agree to personally review every resume from Caterpillar to ensure careful consideration with respect to possible employment (put on resume: Attn Ryan, per Ryan and it will be directed accordingly).

Finally, here are some resources for your review if you are looking to get ahead or simply trying to make ends meet and find a job. 

How to get a raise:
Top Tip On Your Resume:

Finally, the 'free market' almost crushed me and my operations.  I was tempted to be angry with the big banks and government, the 'crushers of my dreams'...only to realize, I am the only one who can crush my dreams.  Keep dreaming.

*I don't have 24/7 open for time, but I will do as much as I resonably/possibly can. 


  1. Oh wow! Really thanks for your compassion. Sorry but your bandaid lame solution doesn't touch to the heart of the matter at all.

    Especially in cases where our government has provided generous (far too generous) tax breaks to a corp, there should be some protection for the workers. a 50% pay cut or loosing your job isn't a decision anyone should have to make.

    But thanks - will keep an eye on the job bank. Really....

  2. The issue and the solution is a little more complicated than reading resumes. Good read from The Star:

  3. Caterpillar never got those tax breaks your talking about. It was companies like CN that purchase locomotives. And that tx incentive was announced in 2008. Caterpillar bought EMD two years later.

    Better to educate yourself through proper information than that partisan crap they call The Star.

  4. Love that partisan crap. The message is still the same.

  5. The message is not the same. Have you read the actual contract offer? Do you know what the actual pay would have been for workers? Do you know what the fair rrepresentation laws are for unions? Any idea what the SCCF is? That's one of the reasons Caterpillar closed the doors. Benefits were not being eliminated. There were still pensions, although a co-pay was to be implemented in both cases. Yet the Star said all workers were getting a 50% pay cut? Benefits and pensions were being elminated?

    Here is what those workers, the city of London and surrounding communities lost:
    Crane operator: $34.98 ($18)
    Crane operator mobile (licensed): $35.25 ($22).
    Cleaning, production parts: $34.47 ($16.50)
    Stationary engineer, second class: $40.70 ($34)
    Plumber: $40.70 ($34)
    Electrician: $41.01 ($34)
    Industrial truck repair/gas, electrical and diesel: $41.01 ($34)
    Machine repair machinist: $40.89 ($34)
    Welder, tool and die maintenance: $40.93 ($34)
    Labourer: $34.62 ($16.50)
    Oiler: $34.75 ($18)
    Cleaning, production parts: $34.47 ($16.50)
    Stationary engineer, second class: $40.70 ($34)

  6. The message is still the same: "But lost jobs aren’t our only loss. Be it Nortel or RIM, we need to value the technology and patents in play when foreigners start kicking the tires. The buyers are just as likely to be scavengers as investors. And if their primary goal is to spirit away our intellectual property, they will treat the ancillary human resources as an expendable asset to be stripped away, bargained down or locked out."

    1. All aided and abetted by the union leaders.

  7. So, now that they've sucker punched themselves and landed in the gutter, they sit there squealing and sniveling that it was all Harpers fault. How typical and unsurprising!
    Unfortunately, these self centered left wing dim wits have also sucker punched the Canadian taxpayer. We lose the economic activity that this company generated and now we also pay for the increase in unemployment. Let’s plaster one of those pathetic “Union Made” sticker on that one!! Way to go numbskulls!

  8. Blame the union - how typical and unsurprising! To vilify one aspect of the equation is simplistic. All played a part. Ontarians lose, Caterpillar wins.

    Pro-union entertaining reads:

    From another blog:
    When you are enjoying your weekend, thank a union. When you go home safe from work, thank a union. When you work 44 hours per week and not 60 or 70 or 80 without wanting to, thank a union. When you realize you make more than a few pennies per hour, thank a union. When you enjoy universal health care, thank the labour movement. If you work in a workplace free of discrimination, thank a union. Quite often, it is labour activists that help change laws and policies that shape our workplace. It's these same labour activists that put their neck out on the line and speak up when others can't or won't. It's these same labour activist that don't accept apathy in shaping our world. Union workers are not responsible for multi-million dollar corporate or government debt. That is the ineptitude and irresponsiblity of those running the corporations and the government. Unions do have a place today. They are the enforces of all the rights, privileges and freedoms every Canadian enjoys. If unions were to disappear, who would fight for equal rights, universal health care, health and safety regulations, human rights? On July 1, as you enjoy your paid statutory holiday to celebrate Canada Day, THANK A UNION!

  9. Workplace issues are covered by the Ministry of Labor. Certainly some of the current rules and regulations can be traced back to union movements. The problem now is it's 2-12, not 1964. I've been a CAW member for 34 years, helped organize a non-union shop, and have served as alternate rep as well as health and safety.

    The CAW has lost it's way. I mentioned the SCCF earlier in regards 5to Caterpillar. This is a program that costs companies thousands, and is little more than a front to divert company money to the union for things like Port Elgin. Union Awareness is another program that costs companies huge dollars with zero return. Lewenza refused concessions to Chrysler until pressured from rank and file union members like myself. Had Lewenza held firm in his outdated beliefs, there would be 10,000 Canadian Chrysler workers unemployed, with several times that amount more jobs lost from spin-off employment.

    Obama and the entire U.S. will happily take any jobs Lewenza feels aren't worth the pay. Navistar and EMD are just the tip of the iceberg. Both Bob White and Buzz Hargrove knew when they had a strong hand to play, and when to fold. Lewenza couldn't win a game of Go-Fish.

  10. Ryan,

    You don't need compassion for these people - there are plenty of jobs in the west.

    CAW's loss could be the best thing that those employees could have had happen to them.


  11. when you see your property taxes going up, thank a union, when you wait in line for an hour at a gov't office, thank a union, when you see your city trashed because of a left wing protest, thank a union, when you are forced to support lunatic left wing causes you don't agree with, thank a union, when you lose your job because of ideological stupidity, thank a union, when you get a horrible, socialist government that turns your province into a basket case, thank a union, when your kids are poisoned with disgracful pseudo-communist ideology, thank a union etc, etc, etc.


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