Monday, 6 February 2012

You Are Greedy, If You Make More Then Me

There is NO compassion if you are making much more than someone else for your work. We all owe our daily existence to the labours of other persons. Our public washrooms need to be cleaned, people are employed to check us through airports, no one gets well in a hospital unless the hygiene is maintained, and nobody eats unless the food is harvested.Thinking your work is much more important and deserving of a bigger wage/salary with plenty of perks is NOT compassionate. It is selfish, and ultimately GREEDY  (A person who commented on my blog)

Lot's of people were employed to make this boat.  In our world, this boat may seem like complete access and 'overkill'. 

In other people's world, buying a pair of shoes may be viewed as complete access and 'overkill' because it has nothing to do with the centrality of the next meal. 

It's easy to 'lash out' at the seeming greedy purchase of this boat.  It's equally easy for a starving child to lash out at the "greed" of a Canadian having more then 1 pair of shoes. 

I am extremely tempted to reply in greater detail with the individuals comments above.  I humbly request you to offer your 2 cents.  Is she on to something?  Are you greedy for making more then someone else? If you make more then someone else, are you claiming your work is more important? Dear Canada, what do you think? 


  1. Greed is the wanting of more for one's self at the expense of others. It is wanting more by taking from others.

    Ambition is the wanting to better one's self. It is constantly demanding more of one's self and hoping that your efforts will improve the quality of life of those around you.

    Do we all live in small houses on prairies? Are books something that only the rich own? Is mechanically pumped water something for aristocrats? Is traveling by plane only something for the extremely wealthy?

    The only way for such a view -- that one must lose for another to gain -- to be true is if we have none of those things. But that is simply not the case.

    And why? Because most people who are extremely wealthy started out at average or below average wealth (less than 20% inherited wealth). They are average people who simply pushed themselves to succeed. And just like average people, they like to see other people succeed.

    It's why the typical wealthy person gives so very much away. In fact, when it comes down to non-religious donations, the wealthy give away twice as much as a percentage of their income than any other income bracket. That certainly doesn't back up the idea that those who are financial successful are greedy... they give away a higher percentage of what they own than anybody else!

  2. we should all be millionaares. unfortunatly that would make a million bucks worth about 20 bucks.

  3. I believe this comes from the "me" generation who, I hate to say it, we raised. they have been raised to believe that they are the most important person, that their self esteem is number one in the world and that they should be given everything. That, combined with a movement to the left of our universities and colleges has further driven the point home that capitalism and striving to succeed and becoming weathly through business is not to be viewed as "good" but rather is something to be scorned and put down. It is the bullying of the successful by those have never had to "work" to acheive success.

    Unfortunately, we are reaping what we have sown.

  4. It seems self evident to most of us but it is the compensation for risk and sacrifice that results in higher remuneration. Most people that take the risk of starting a new business fail it is the possibility of making a lot of money like a Steve Jobs that entices people to take that risk. When entrepreneurs succeed they create the employment for the rest of us. Some of whom also sacrificed current income for an education that would allow them to make more in the future.

    If we all made the same who would take the risks? Who would make the sacrifices?
    Why would we all not just be artists?

  5. Kevin wrote: "Why would we all not just be artists?"

    Simply because if we were all artists, no one would grow food and we'd all starve to death.

    If there were no entrepreneurs, we'd still be in the stone age as hunter-gatherers. It was the entrepreneurial that invented the wheel and got the ball rolling (pardon the play on words there). Many of these leftists simply don't get it. In a society were people were responsible for their own health and welfare, they would've died of starvation long ago.

  6. "Unfortunately, we are reaping what we have sown."

    Well said,AG,but we are also reaping what someone else sowed,namely the education industry. Many of us here taught our kids the old morality and ethics,but they were buried in a sea of self-entitlement taught in schools and enforced by laws.


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