Tuesday, 19 April 2011

What Path Do You Choose?

It's easier for humans to spend money to get what we want, then to live within their means and be content.
Furthermore, it's easier to spend money on 'something' to fill a need/void in our lives then it is to repair the heart that is crying out for a void to be filled.
Examples of attempting to fill a void are endless (expensive toys, sex, drugs, booze and food etc.).

We as humans always think that a damaged heart crying out can be repaired by the possible vices above, so we often run to these types of pacifiers: only to have a short term fix to a real problem.

On a larger scale, today's status-quo politicians often think that a damaged heart can be repaired by their programs and spending… that needs can be properly met by their programs and spending.  By taxing the population, creating laws/programs and hiring people to 'meet a need' all too often it is simply 'patching up' the situation at hand, rather than meeting the real need. All too often the broad population runs to the government programs for 'help'.

Friends of compassion, we should be perturbed (at least) that we don't know better. We allow our tax dollars to be recklessly spent and all the while we are either ignorant or apathetic as to what is going on.

Please determine what you think on the subject of government spending outside its jurisdiction. Do you believe the government programs truly meet needs, repair hearts and help people better than the private sector?
People attending various churches, I ask you: Who's more proficient at repairing damaged hearts, government via programs or you guys?
Friends of compassion, I ask you the same question: can you not do a better job keeping your money (which was otherwise taxed and designated for programs) and make a bigger impact in people’s lives than government programs?

I say, "YES we can!!!”
But then I ask Churches, private charities and friends: Why do we lie down like sheep and let the governments tax and spend billions of our dollars presuming passively, 'ah, they'll do just fine...give the money over to them!'?

Friends, let's wake up and realize what we are opting to do...we are conceding that government will choose something on our behalf (compassion to others). That is our responsibility, not theirs.

Action Item:
Invest $50 directly into meeting a need where you can make an impact.  Find other person who is trying their best but struggling.  Do this by spending time sharing and using your talents to help build that individual. Follow up with a $50 investment to help meet their need.  Then assess how you feel afterwards. Do you feel a sense of pride? Do you feel that you made an impact in someone’s life? Does the other person feel blessed?

After the above case study, mail the same amount to the government designated: "program spending".  After the cheque is in the mail, now tell me how you feel.

Which 'seems' like the more effective use of money?

In the absence of our actions, we will get a pathetic 2nd rate solution to real needs: massive, expensive and inefficient programs.  We have the option of stepping up and acting, or watching the government do it for us.

Decide with your actions, followed up with your vote.  Let's work together to bring alignment!

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