Monday, 18 April 2011

Liberals In Defense Mode

Please consider:


Duceppe said people are worried Tories with a majority might use bills introduced by individual Members of Parliament to try to criminalize abortion, bring back the death penalty or "Americanize" Canadian politics without the government having to officially introduce such controversial legislation.     

What's going on here?

·         At 40% popular support (Polltracker) it's becoming obvious a conservative majority is possible
·         Left leaning parties are looking to hold up a principle of 'conservativism' (limited government) and dramatize an extreme of that principle. Regardless that the ‘$11 billion with families dying’ is not part of any conservative government plan.  An equivalent example would be citing a liberal principle of 'government spending to help with social problems' and doing a commercial that says, "the liberal party of Canada said they believe in social spending... they plan to increase personal and corporate tax rate to 97% and massively redistribute your money because Canadian families (unsung actual liberal quote...)  ‘need our help’".   

It is just plain foolish to take a principle of the conservatives and conjure up a far-fetched, ludicrous example of that principle in action. But that is what is going on here. It would look equally foolish if the conservatives did that with any other party!

Action Points:
·         Know how to intellectually debunk these 'drama accusations' of people dying due to reckless 'right wing agenda'!
·         Know this will not slow down, but there are going to be more and more accusations against Conservatives. Be ready. Don't cry or whine.  Just reply calmly and in a friendly manner.
·         Communicate there is no evidence to tie a 'limited government' spending to a reckless destruction of people’s lives through destroying a well established (sacred) program. 
·         Communicate you are fed up with intolerant, bigoted attacks on our values, ones of limited government and accusing these values of destroying Canada and health care. 
·         Call out left leaning hypocrisy. When it's about them, they are all about tolerance, equality, sharing of ideas, accepting others regardless of their belief system.  UNLESS you are 'c' conservative, then they are the opposite of what they embody. They become vile in speech, intolerant, accusatory in attitude/words and irrationally unkind.  This is called HYPOCRISY.  It is not with all left leaning people, but a significant amount in politics and the media.  It is unacceptable and un-Canadian. 
·         The fear strategy coming out is designed to make an intellectual public debate become emotional.  They are insulting their voter base. Encouraging them to be stupid and lose themselves in the emotion of what they are saying, versus thinking through the issues.  Liberals ought to apologize to their voter base and say, "Sorry for showing a flat line picture with Harper behind it saying he will destroy lives through $11 billion in cuts. You should be making decisions based on intellect, confirmed by your emotions… not just emotion". 

Liberals, are you so desperate that you cannot make an intellectual argument anymore?  If this is about 11 billion in cuts with the conservatives, then it is equally about you taxing 97% of our money and running our lives and destroying the free market to spend it all on social programs. Is it really about that?  Come on...

Harper's belief in limited government scares left leaning politicians because it gives choice, responsibility and freedom back to families.  It limits spending, debt and programs. Something left leaning policy is terribly afraid of. So rather than making a case for their government roles, they are trying to bring the house down with Harper destroying all things sacred.

Left leaning policy does not make an intellectual argument for their role for one of a few reasons:

  1. They don't know how
  2. If they came out and said, "We believe in a quasi socialist state and we feel entitled to your money to create programs" they know people would revolt. So they mask it with, "Families are hurting and we want to invest".
  3. They feel entitled to power and your money. So really no explanation is required. On this point...consider: Daycare Abuses Still Not Made Public … complete contempt for parents responsibilities!!!!  How else is this acceptable, oh liberal? What other explanation is there but that you feel entitled to take parent’s responsibility away and make it yours?  Mothers this should chill you!  They don't need to let you know about the abuses within state childcare because it's their responsibility and therefore, why tell people who are not responsible?????  Just as I called out/predicted some time ago: Liberalism / Socialism Is Based On)

What a sad state our political system is in.

Be encouraged... the smell of desperation is our opportunity to communicate compassion and love to others without massive government intrusion.  Carpe diem, my friends: seize the day!

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  1. well said , and right on.... organize and STOP the redistributors... the notion that it is o.k. to seize and redistribute the product of honest work is unbiblical and evil and must be stopped... special attention must be given to so called christians who add the poisonous idea to the mix, that it is a holy work, because we purport to care about the poor and that justifys our confiscation of your production to make our righteousness.... enuff already ,,, keep spreading the word that this evil must end.....


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