Sunday, 29 May 2011

Bell, UFC and a simple video

Core value #3 in my company is Troubleshooting and Adaptability.  This value takes into account that variables exist that often look to take away from results we are trying to achieve.  We are encouraged to think in advance of what unknown or unlikely snags may happen that produces poor results or devalues people.

Good intentions polity spoken by their computer Emily does not mean they 'want to take our call'.  It means that's what they want us to think.  Bell: action speaks louder then words. 

The free market lets Bell offer a terrible service and still make money. The same market allows me to fire them and let others know how their results (once again) were found wanting.

Action Item:
The 'free market' is looking for us to solve problems.  Today, determine you will be someone who anticipates unknown variables and thinks of preemptive ways to overcome these challenges so your company turns a potential embarrassment and loss into strength and profits. If you can develop in this, you will be marked for increase!

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  1. Did they ever pick up the phone and compensate you adequately for not honoring their part of the PPV agreement?


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