Sunday, 29 May 2011

Who's our Chris Christie?

Chris Christie: worth the watch.

If Canadian conservatives had half the courage of this guy, our country would be a better place.  Canada needs to grow up and allow for direct and honest debate. 


  1. PM Harper is our Chris Christie..Where have you been doofus.Msm have been turned into a bunch of blithering fools by PM Harper.Martin..GONE..Defeated..Dion..GONE...defeated...Ignatief...GONE..defeated...What has Christie done???He is Governor of New Jersey..He is doing a great job...He is not running a country though and there is a big difference..PM Harper gets this one hands down.

  2. I think I limited my point to blunt talking, and not backing down from issues. As you know Anonymous, that is just what Harper did during the election: took limited questions and gave soft answers.
    PS: of couse your points on defeating libs and running a country r valid....pls keep in mind I am writing a short note and thus do not qualify each point. Tx 4 the comment.

  3. Defeating a bunch of third-rate candidates does not make PM Harper Chris Cristie. Cristie has communication skills and courage Harper is a political operator and nothing more.

  4. no cyto defeating all the opposition parties...Defeating all the MSM the radio ,television,the 24 hour CBC propaganda machine,that is what PM Harper has defeated and the made up scandal a day from the opposition that has been going on for 5 years,this is what PM Harper defeated and Christie does have not have to put up with.Again Christie is good ,but does not run a country & if you cannot see the difference then go support Jacko lantern.

  5. While I don't endorse everything Harper has done, the man has to get huge credit for political success. Could ANYONE have imagined today's scenario, CPC majority, NDP opposition, PQ wiped out, Liberals nearly wiped out, when Harper became CPC leader a few years ago.

    Harper has done an immense job. Christie is just starting out. But he talks a good show... that's for sure.


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