Monday, 30 May 2011

Quite possibly the most logical argument ever from an "NDPer". (Sadly, written by a conservative)

The NDP will not release their constitution, and since I have not seen any logical arguments from the NDP that I can 'unpack and dismantle', I have been led to contrive my own argument for NDP's Constitution…as best possible. I am pretending to be a NDPer…so go easy on me. I do think I am working with lots of contradictions, but I am going to do my best to make it as 'logical as possible'.  I used a 'mock name' to hide the author's identity ; )

Dear Fellow Canadians,

I am "Jantzi Ryan" the official Boss for the NDP party of Canada.

I acknowledge that our constitution is not available for your analysis and understanding.  We believe Canadians ought to know what principles govern our party.  You will soon have our constitution: our best minds are working on it.  I have been given information that the following principles will be in our platform:

We believe in a government planned economy (government controls means of production and distribution) with respect to 'big business'.  We believe in the moderate 'free market' with respect to small business.
There will be no end to poverty, aid for seniors and real education for students unless we recognize that the vast majority of  'limited resources' ought not be horded by big business (banks, oil companies etc).  Once these 'windfall profits' are transferred to government for expansion of programs, we will finally affect people's lives being improved and helped.  Since banks modus operandi is profit, not the well being of the people, we will right this wrong by transferring profit from banks to the government.  We do not believe Canadians are ready for us to own the banks, therefore we will not seek to control means of production and distribution via ownership, but rather higher taxes and capping their ability to make a profit (prime + 5% on credit cards for starters).  We are giving out 'rebates' to small business owners who hire because it represents an important criteria of our mandate; provide opportunity for all Canadians.  Since small business generates opportunity for the worker, and there are not typically 'windfall profits', this strategy best 'levels the playing field' given our current Country's state.  In summary, limit 'massive corporations' from devaluing Canadians by limiting their profits via taxation and laws.  Transfer (redistribute sounds to "Carl Marx-ish") profit into social spending; hereafter called 'investing in Canadians'. 

We believe in equality, fairness and opportunity for all Canadians.
Poverty, discrimination and intolerance all have one thing in common, they attack and truncate basic rights of all Canadians.  Canada's resources and wealth is vast.  Massive corporate profits undermine these basic values, therefore we believe we are furthering the 'social justice' cause in Canada when we recognize this and move to make it right. Therefore, we will be setting forth proposals where you will see two components: 1. look at 'open enterprise' and 'free market' with caution (least reckless profits be made and horded away from social justice causes) and 2. draw money away from private sector and move it towards government programs. This rights the wrong when government takes authority via laws to limit profit and maximize social justice.  The 'right wingers' unfairly brands us as 'big spenders', but we will accomplish these goals without raising the debt of our Country.  We do not trust the fee market to protect the rights of Canadians.  They will not offer equality, fairness and opportunity for all.  The free market hires mostly men in high paying jobs, would have minimum wage at $4.00 if it could and exclude anyone they 'see fit'.  By the government highlighting these basic human rights then pointing out how the free market fails these people, we position ourselves to morally create laws that support this end.  This is how we use such words as 'compassion and fairness', because we are taking on the worker's struggles by assisting them from the reckless free market.

We believe it is the governments working responsibility to be people of action, recognizing there are many social needs.
We do believe in 'performance and results'.  We simply believe that the government ought to make the investment in people to ensure that everyone can attain high levels of performance and results together: this way, we know it's fair.  The free market attacks the less fortunate by 'leaving them behind'.  It is their right to not be left behind and by the NDP making these investments, we will be ensured of success for all Canadians, not just a privileged few. 

Core principle:
You have likely seen the 'thread' running throughout this letter: the problem is the free market.  The free market is just that: free.  The cows will wander unless they are fenced in.  The children may crawl into danger if they are not given the safe restrictions of the crib.  People within the free market will exploit, degrade and devalue if it is not reigned in though significant limitations.  The reason we are 'progressive' is because we recognize this cannot be done over night.  We need to develop our Country into a less free market more and more, little by little.  We need your help.  Currently the 'free market' is quite popular, so we are developing our constitution to reflect how we can focus on our core values without sparking widespread condemnation and massive public outcry.  The right thinks 'regulations' will protect people, but as we have seen from the terrible recession of 08, regulations were too lax and failed the people.  The key is not to regulate the free market…it is to limit its potential and slowly move towards a more fair, democratic and loving society, one where everyone has a chance: not just the profit hoarders and privileged few.
We look forward to truly fighting for Canadians.

Jantzi Ryan
Boss of the Federal NDP Party of Canada

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