Monday, 30 May 2011

To get results, Conservatives need to think outside the box

Mr. Layton needs to come out of hiding and reveal His Party Constitution: let's get him all wound up with conservative actionable strategy and before we know it:
His party will release their Constitution!  We need to out-think him guys, come on!  Shhh...don't post this or give it to anyone in the NDP party, or they will know our strategy!

Full Proof How To Secret Plan:

First, play this audio clip and while playing, replace the final word with "Constitution" (the other word is demeaning, offensive and unfair)
Then, find ruby red slippers and tap them together 3 times saying, "there's no Constitution like a revealed one".

Before we know it, the NDP will reveal...  Oops, how did that get in there?

Actually, they will finally reveal their...Constitution! Fresh out of the box!

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