Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Here IS Canada's Answer To Poverty. Humility Test, Can We Do It?

The federal government should make a billion-dollar investment to eradicate the root causes of poverty, or face billions more in ongoing expenses, a new report says.Poverty costs taxpayers more than $24 billion a year, said the report, which was released Wednesday from a federal government advisory board, the National Council of Welfare. 
Thankfulness. What a powerful cure for poverty.
Learn our value. What a powerful cure for poverty.
Accepting reality and moving forward, without being a victim, but a victor. Wow.
Not Quitting. Finishing Strong.
Get this guy in here speaking to anyone who lacks anything!


  1. The pursuit of the "root causes" of poverty is, and always has been, the rationale for exempting individuals from responsibility for choices made - and not making a choice is a choice. Each person has challenges to face. Choosing to blame conditions and situations rather than take personal action solves nothing other than to give the "root causes" cabal a rationale for inventing reasons why people are not what they could be - and at the same time giving people in poverty an exemption from doing something about it other than complaining and demanding even more government handouts.

    Poverty is real, I am not minimizing that but exempting individuals from responsibility is not the solution.

  2. When someone is born into poverty the only way out is through education and training. Hard work is also key. Also sometimes I think getting "that break" helps as well.


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