Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Squeaky Wheel gets the Greece

Greece has lost stability and can't-roll their bond debt. With private 'not-so-fond holders' losing patience and starting to see their positions unravel, we hear squawking, balking, lots of talking and most crippling a debt based solution. Were you ever asked to clean up your room as a child?  Me too, gald-dang-it.  Anyway, I remember thinking, "if I let my room get so messy, eventually the big boss will step in and bail me out...for certainly me at 7 can't be expected to take on a mess of this magnitude."  Eventually, while I laid in my mess I called " Help me Merkel!", no, wait..."Mom, Help!".  The Greece politicians ought to put a tail to their behind and stick it between their legs as a discrete sign of abjection.  They should be leading, and they are being children letting the mess get so bad then bellow for help.  The problem is, in this case Mommy-Merkel is solving the messy room crisis by adding more debt-mess to it, thinking that will ease the pain and buy time to solve problems.  Provision is not bailouts and forced austerity on the entitlement ridden politicians and rioters of Greece anymore then democracy is provision for Iraq.  I wanted a clean room AND playtime on Nintendo. My positions were incompatible.  If mommy cleaned my room and let me play Nintendo, I would follow suit in that lifestyle and sadly would have demanded entitlement and lacked that discipline. Thank you mommy for keeping me on the straight and narrow.  Provision is in learning that debt beyond means is not the governments jurisdiction, that entitlement sounds nice, but comes at a price. Riots is a fairly direct form of feedback Merkel. The attitudes that got them into the mess are still running rampant: literally...
Aptopix Greece Riots

Take the cue Ero-zone politicians. Pool your resources together and break the entitlement culture in one shot. Make them clean up their own room.  I kicked, screamed and fought mommy...and when she turned off Nintendo, I freaked! But she was right. Today I am thankful for the short term pain and a clean room. Thanks Mom.

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