Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Save Dalton From Himself, And Ontario

Funny Video: (unless your a Liberal)

Dad, you owe me 50 bucks!  You quipped, "I bet ya Dalton will never tell the truth, he's just a liar".  Ha! I won.
Dad, it's time to pony up! Dalton's exact quote from the video, "Whell, the polls tell us I'mmmmm not the most popular guy in the country." Dalton also says, "What Ontario has achieved these past 8 years is nothing short of amazing" Again, Dalton NAILS the issue.  Any reasonable person would agree it's amazing to seek re-election after showing a 250 billion debt.

Don't you love when government parachutes in to save you from yourself? Ya, I thought so.  The Left has code words for this extract and rescue mission: fairness, compassion, togetherness and equality.  Don't be fooled by word magic, just look at the results.

Mr. McGuinty, overlooking your spending addiction and bragging about accomplishments is crazy, no really, seriously. Our debt is about 250 of these 1 billion dollar displays.  IRL, crazy.
 Can someone (gently and non-violently) give this guy's head a shake? Then a nuggie? And if your on that kind of roll, would ya blow through one ear and give me some feedback if any draft comes out the other side?  I'll pay you 50 bucks if you get a video of all 3.
Perhaps a cruel joke would be to force him to run his family budget with the same principles he governed Ontario with.  Well, its cruel if your a bleeding lefty trying to shelter him from consequences. But people of wisdom know that does not serve in the long run. Perhaps it would be a good wake up call for Mr. McGuinty to feel the pain of his spending addiction on a personal budget level. Who am I kidding? He won't sober up, therefore please Ontario, help Mr. McGuinty hit rock bottom. He needs it: for his benefit and ours.

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