Tuesday, 27 September 2011

NDP Looks For Feminists, Leaving Men At The End Of The Pecking Order

“I would love to see a woman candidate. I would love to see a youth candidate, or heck — a youthful woman candidate. But what I think is more important are that certain values are embodied,” Leslie said Wednesday. “So, I am looking for a leadership candidate who is a feminist, who is youthful. I think Jack Layton was both of those things and as we know he wasn’t necessarily young or a woman, so I think it is possible.”  Atta Girl Leslie...you go girl!

It seems the NDP are passionately interested in manufacturing. Too bad it's a very unproductive sector: affirmative action.

Oh the drama from the crusaders of justice: solve some real problems.

Question: If the NDP published the following on their website, how would you react? "Dear fellow Canadians, we believe in equality for women and have taken action: we have lined all candidates up at the starting line: men and women.  The same rules apply to all leadership candidates.  When the gun fires, all candidates will run towards the prize with the one crossing the line being the victor! For equality lies not in us holding the woman's hand across the line, or giving 'winner prizes' to all contestants, but in giving equal rules to men and women and let the cream rise to the top."

Affirmative action should be to woman what Palestinian Statehood is to the Nation of Israel.
Who will join my group? "Handholding is for date-night, not progress in politics! Stop insulting women and and join me! Down with affirmative action!"

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  1. THAT is what bothers me most about the NDP,they simply have NO concept of fair play,they always have to give the advantage to those they imagine are "disadvantaged".

    Thank Allah they don't form government too often,and thank Allah they've never formed the Federal Government,and hopefully never will.


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