Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Economy, An Eye Popping Bloody Mess

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    Our alleged conservative PM has demonstrated an eagerness to enhance the already immense and excessively expensive powers of the nanny state, to increase his government’s capacity and enthusiasm for intruding into our private life, to absolutely discount any serious spending discipline, to promulgate a distressing protectionist message that Canada isn’t open to foreign investment, and an eagerness to disallow any critically desirable right-of–centre social legislation.

    If Canadians had elected a legitimate small-c fiscal conservative he would be downsizing the size of government rather than pretending to “restrain spending” while increasing expenditures to $270.5 billion. A legitimate fiscal conservative would initiate severe structural spending cuts that would eliminate the $33.4 billion structural deficit in two years rather than continuing to instigating future higher taxes and lower standards of living.
    A legitimate conservative would:

    Cut overall program spending by 20% bringing expenditures back to pre-stimulus 2008 levels rather than keeping the base budget rate at the current levels;

    Rather than continue to boost Federal employment (by 14% since 2006), lay-off 20% of overpaid, redundant bureaucrats who make much more than those paying their salaries, within the next 2 years, and freeze the salary and benefits for as long as it takes to bring them in line with private sector workers. In 2008 the average private sector workers was making 47% more than he did in 1991 ($810 wk), while the federal bureaucrat was making 71% more than he did in 1991 ($1286 wk);

    Redesign PS pensions for new employees along the lines of private service pensions, rather than the gold-plated plan that exist;

    A genuine conservative government would abolish federal employee’s unions thus introducing wage competition, thereby lowering government expenditures while increasing the quality and productivity of work;

    The government must pass “right to work” legislation which allows governments and companies to hire employees who do not wish to belong to the local unions;

    Privatize the CBC, Canada Post, CMHC, Via Rail, Government Printing operations, government search and rescue operations, and Federal prisons;

    Cancel the Parliament Hill shuttle bus service for MPs that cost $500,000 annually;

    Sell government assets such as some government jets, and some crown timber land;

    Eliminate downsize and/or assimilate departments, and worthless crown corporations such as the CRTC and CMHC that dissipate $10 billion annually;

    Delay starting both the combat and non combat $25 billion ships contracts;

    “Cut-as-you-Go”; a small-c fiscally conservative that was resolute pursuant to cutting costs would implement a “Cut-as-you-Go” policy that would oblige the government to sever equal value from existing programs when implementing any new expenditure;

    Op out of the Climate Change Fund (CCF) that will further empower global governance, and transfer at least $100 billion a year to mostly corrupt, totalitarian nations who repudiate creating their own wealth;

    Purge most of the $100 billion of annual tax credits that are really costly expenditures;

    Abolish most corporate welfare starting with The Defense Industry Productivity Program and Technology Partnerships Canada which subsidies Quebec much higher than their % of the population, agricultural subsidies, bio-fuel subsidies, and regional development funding;

    Get rid of Regional Development Programs that bail out declining industries and/or companies, keep regional incomes artificially high, and dissuade movement of labor;

    Eliminate the majority of arts subsidies, all language subsidies, interest groups, festivals grants, NGO’s subsidies, as well as nearly all other grants and contributions;



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