Friday, 28 October 2011

I'm Confused, Can Anyone Do a Flow Chart?

Two men who divorced their wives, came out as gay, became transgender lesbians, now MARRY after one has a sex change
Is this the part where moral relativism kicks in to tell us we have no right to comment? Anyway, your comments are welcome here:


  1. If no-one's being hurt, and it's not your tab A or your slot B, why should anyone else care? (Aside from having an overwhelming need to be a busybody, that is.)

  2. Does your same logic apply for the Westboro protesters at Military Funerals? As long as nobody is 'hurt', then it's all good? So do you think protesting against gay's and military is long as nobody is hurt...least you become the busybody you don't want others to be...

    Or, does social behavior matter and impact our society? You okay with racist comments as long as nobody is hurt?

    I care that we don't have racist comments (regardless if we can prove someone is hurt or not), I care we don't dishonor the dead by vile protests. Although I cannot prove anyone is hurt, I still care, and sumbit so do you. Are you able to explain further your point b/c it sounds farily harsh when extended to other topics as I pointed out. Thanks for the comment, Ryan Jantzi

  3. The Westboro morons have every right to make asses of themselves, just as the rest of us have the right to point out how much they're making asses of themselves. The point is, how does these two people's choices or behaviour affect YOU, that you feel the need to complain about it? Are you in danger of being forced to marry someone against your will, same sex or otherwise? If not, why should you care?

  4. Fair question. Please indciate the words I wrote of complaint. Once you give me this feedback, perhaps I can give an account to your question. (Does mention = complaint?)
    Thanks, Ryan Jantzi

  5. kids are forced in school to study these things in grade schools there forced to look a pictures of gay pride parades there forced to say there trans gendered and there reason there forced is the Courts ruled there not allowed to home school. so there being hurt yes in other ways. and my name is Roy I am only using anon because I don't have an account.

  6. My problem with this is here in Ontario Canada the taxpayer is forced to fund these sex change operations. Ofcourse this makes me a homophobe in the lefts mind ...

  7. Obviously Anonymous meant hurt in the wider sense. Of course people are hurt by Westboro protesters and racism.

    I agree with not wanting to pay for elective surgery through taxes (I would extend this to any surgery and not just those that some are morally opposed to). Not wanting to pay for someone else's elective surgery does not make you homophobic. Not wanting to pay for someone else's elective surgery because they are gay makes you homophobic. Why would you assume that someone who holds political views to the left would think otherwise?

    As for your response to anonymous: if you are not complaining why are you commenting at all? Are you promoting it? I am confused about your post.

    Roy, I do not see how seeing pictures of a parade is hurtful. I am sure that at one point in history seeing pictures of the Civil Rights movement would have erroneously been viewed by some as hurtful.

    "Times they are a' changing"

  8. Thanks for the sensible reply. I was simply looking for clarity, no assuming. Point of post: allow people to freely comment on either side without worry: I'm not complaining, just a post. I am glad people like u can offer clear points: my blog is inspire to think, not inspire to agree.

    So in the wider sense of 'hurt', I am not hurt, and that does not perclude me from posting.

    I wonder why one person being forced to fund something they believe is immoral makes them homophobic. How is forcing someone to fund operations against their conscience homophobic?

  9. It would be the same as saying you do not want to fund someone's education because they are black or female. At one time (I pray no longer) people felt that it was "immoral" to do so. An example of prejudice. Would you agree that a person should be permitted to opt out of publicly funding the education of a female or black student even if it is against their conscience?

    In my post I stated that being opposed to the surgery itself is very different from being opposed to the surgery because the person who is having the surgery is gay. Clearly, the latter is an example of prejudice. My apologies if that was not clear.


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