Friday, 28 October 2011

Conservatives Should Get Out Of Business

Michael Den Tandt: F-35 project is ‘slowly unravelling’

The Conservative government’s controversial F-35 jet fighter project, plagued by delays, cost overruns and now economic turmoil in Europe, is at growing risk of being sharply curtailed or shelved — the defence minister’s protestations notwithstanding.

Why are the conservatives over extending themselves?  They are not business professionals, and now the results seem to be exposing that.  Procurement is difficult.  Leave that for business.  Government (if necessary) should be buying finished products. Companies should be paid for results, not efforts...then there would be no cost overruns.

I wish conservatives would take limited government seriously.

The best "Economic Action Plan" is to get out of the way.


  1. If we only buy finished products, how can we build new ships or buildings or build new roads or bridges?

  2. "We" would be private sector, not government.
    Private sector builds, gov. buy's finished product. Thus, cost is estabilshed for work done, not thrown out to 'develop with' and 'build with' etc. It would eliminate cost overruns and harm from non-perfessional gov. people acting as though they are experts...

  3. We seem to be the last people on the planet defending these planes.Even the Americans (both Dems and Republicans) are starting to question the program.

  4. Totally agree with Anon. 14:42.


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