Thursday, 27 October 2011

Will The Real Left Winger Please Stand Up?

Liberals tout moves to ‘create’ and ‘protect’ jobs

Ontario is moving to “create” and “protect” nearly 1,600 jobs — many engineering positions that could move offshore — by investing in private firms, said Economic Development Minister Brad Duguid.

Ontario's Liberals are definitely not slim, but clearly shady. As I predicted in Clouds Looming Over Ontario, the Liberals would soak money from one set of taxpayers and 'invest' it with another group, all in the name of 'togetherness'.  The Liberal economic interventionists are stimulating our economy with prescribed drugs, and in heavy doses.

 The problem with these well intended forced hits is that it creates an addiction.  We crave and demand the euphoria of getting our entitled thrill of other people's success.  We become dependant on Liberals (and sometimes Conservatives) to give us our 'fix'and thus don't look for the real fix.  We cry, "we can't maintain jobs on our own, help us Liberals! Take from those with, and give to those without, then we will cheer fairness and togetherness!"  Can any left leaning thinker explain this one to me?  How is it helping Ontario to undermine the free market by thinking it is the governments responsibility to create jobs?  That's like some dude snatching my daughter off our yard only to later say, "oh, I'm sorry, I thought it was my job to parent your child".  Absurd.  I am responsible to parent my child and I am responsible for my successes and failures.  Why do we undermine the principle of personal responsibility with these left policies?  Why does the left do such a poor job articulating why they are justified to encroach on our jurisdiction and operate with impunity and domineering authority? 

I will further predict that the Ontario middle class will continue to suffer unless the Liberals stop forcing the redistribution pills on us.  I sadly see a decrepit, addicted population demanding more from their government. 

Addicts.  The liberals are turning it's citizens into addicts.  Justify your position Liberals. Why do you intervene in the free market and think it's your job to help rescue jobs? It's not. Leave that to the free market, it will produce real and superior results.  Sure there may not be any 'quick fixes', but that's okay.   You are not our protectors, our providers or our providential helpers.  Stop abusing your authority and acting as though you are.  And my goodness, if you insist on these endless redistribution-interventions, at least justify the action beyond the 'immediate need' your claiming to meet. It's so anti-intellectual.  Will the real left winger please stand up and give some sensible account for these flagrant violations of jurisdiction?  What a rant, I think I need a chill pill...but just this once.


  1. What is the real fix? Forget about people who cannot hack it? I vote Liberal provincially because I vote for education, healthcare and social services. I vote for an equal opportunity for all which of course is not the same as equal outcome for all. You may not want to hear that I vote to act on the "immediate need", but it is true. At the same time, I believe that meeting these immediate needs is an investment in people and consequently an investment in the future. "Help them now so they can help themselves". Train, counsel, rehabilitate, educate and in the meantime, fund until they can fend for themselves. Teach those who are not contributing members of society (those who cannot maintain jobs on their own) to become self-suffiient citizens. No one is being snatched here. I voted for a party to protect its citizens. Your focus is business and money and it seems you are somewhat an expert in the area. I am not and thus cannot comment on your real question: economics. However, I see first hand every day what "immediate help" is needed and what happens when people who need it get it and when people who need it do not get it. As such I would say I am an expert in this area. I see first hand every day the lasting effect this "immediate help" has on people (and therefore the economy) and I don't see it as an abuse of authority or jurisdiction when the majority voted for a party to do so. You are absolutely right, I do not vote for economics per se. I vote for the programs that enable all citizens to contribute to the economy. In a utopian world this would not be necessary. I applaud free market companies that contribute to this cause. However it is not enough. If it were, programs would not be necessary. Explain to me how the free market is looking after all citizens of this province? There is too much suffering. Thus, I vote my conscience and I vote for government to step in where the free market fails.

    Likely not the response you were looking for. Likely further fuelled your rant. Sorry but it is the truth from my perspective and I did not see any other responses. Since you asked the left to respond directly, I figured someone should although I do not feel qualified to speak to your question about economy. Some of us have other issues that we vote on.

  2. Thanks for the comment. From the heart!
    I will do a blog entry as a response to your note, I hope you would consider commenting on it! Thanks. Ryan Jantzi


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