Thursday, 31 March 2011

Jack Layton

So here's the bottom line:
Canadians have lots of debt and it's the socialists job bring 'fairness' to the market and cap the lenders at prime plus 5%. It's the governments job to limit interest rates at 5%, really? No mention in the speech about individuals carrying debt due to their choices or lack of budgeting, or living beyond their means. Once again we see government look to increase its role in planning the economy. Mr. Layton, the solution to massive personal debt is NOT more laws going after the free market…it's encouraging all of us to to live within our means and not be foolish by racking up our credit cards. Once again, Mr. Layton has a chance to show compassion by helping people help themselves…but instead, sadly, focused on further 'planning the economy' and calling it "fairness".

So, if this law passes, then credit card companies will stop then what?  We still have the  'root issue' of a debt mentality...hence false compassion, because it does deal with the root issue. A small 'c' conservative principle I strive to walk out: by learning and growing through books and other people, I have changed many of my perspectives and learned to budget and live within my means.  My credit card debt is paid each month: on-time.  I encourage you today, if your credit cards are paid, live out a conservative principle and find someone to help with budgeting who may not be in such a great shape!  If you are ridden with debt and paying interest through the nose...DO NOT look to the NDP to solve your problems and create "fairness".  Look within and decide you want to be debt free!  Get help! Talk to loved ones and friends!  Socialism is NOT our answer! Compassion within a free market or, small 'c' conservative principles are.  Have a great day.

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  1. I couldn't agree more. Government getting involved in lending isn't helping the economy, and neither is buying more. The best way to build our economy is to have a firm debt free foundation. An economy built on debt will only crumble.


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