Thursday, 31 March 2011

Watch out for 'code words'...

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I encourage you to be very aware of 'code words'...and what they really mean.  During this election, I hope to 'de code' the language of all parties and talk straight with what they are all really saying.  Any left leaning friends, send me some articles and I will be happy to offer a 'straight talk perspective'.

Regarding the liberal proposal to offer major payouts to students going to post-secondary:

“The message we will give every one of our kids is if you get the grades, you get to go,”

CODE FOR: It's the governments responsibility to ensure you get post-secondary education...therefore we will use tax dollars to fund this program for your benefit.

“Canadian families want to invest in learning,” said Mr. Ignatieff. “But the cost of college and university is slipping out of reach for too many middle-class families.”

Is CODE FOR: The liberal party wants to plan and control more of the economy, therefore we will tax families/corporations of higher income and spend it on their behalf for 'middle/low income' families.

“Investing in learning is essential for preparing Canadians for the jobs of the future,” said Mr. Ignatieff.  “The Learning Passport will be a powerful tool for reducing barriers to attending college and university, increasing the flow of highly skilled workers into the Canadian economy.”

IS CODE FOR: since investing in learning is key for jobs, we liberals think its required that powerful tools be of the governments hand: therefore, we the government will remove the 'barriers'.

Um: why do we want government to 'remove barriers'? Just what are these barriers?
Possible meanings of 'barriers':
1. student getting part time work/full time job to save up, go to school
2. getting a loan and paying it off
3. parents putting money away and saving up for their child's education

Why do we want to remove these "barriers"?  I have found that overcoming challenges (NOT barriers Mr. Liberal) creates opportunities to learn and grow.  Mr. Liberal, please give us adults the opportunity to sweat and work for something so satisfying as a good education.
The warm and fuzzy words of "barrier" "investment" and "family" make it difficult to argue with such a loving position. When we translate the code words, we see the reality of a very different position: government sees an area they can 'increase their role' and 'poof' taxed money goes to another project.

Reminder: ask yourself, "is it the governments responsibility to tax and spend on my post-secondary education?"  Another 'need' seems to be more liberal investments that only further plans our economy: at the expense of the taxpayer.

Please, tell me what you think.
Post and let's get others talking real. If the politicians en mass won't, then this blog shall.  Have a great day!

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