Friday, 1 April 2011

We need to do a better job...

There have been two related developments that should lead us to strongly consider the value of living/articulating to others how the principles we hold are not 'scary' or 'heartless'.

Recently, NDP candidate Ryan Dolby dropped out of the race to support the running liberal candidate: to prevent a conservative victory.  A sincere individual abandoning their post to curb the odds of a conservative victory ought to command the attention of the conservatives: we should ask why...

"I think it's the best decision on behalf of my family, my community, and my country to do whatever I can to make sure there isn't a cconservative victory, especially in this riding," Dolby said.

Along side this article we see the initial indicators of a 'shift' in support: not away from conservatives, but from the NDP to the liberals.  The wide spared concern that Dolby highlighted is a conservative majority.

Please consider the recent poll trends:

I have seen this trend over too many elections for me not to share what I think is obvious. Possibly the political conservatives lacks the 'know' or ability to communicate: either way...somebody should and I guess I will. 

The missing component is the broader population communicating by their actions and words how conservative principles do not lack they are 'fair' and not scary or heartless.  The bottom line is life throws people a lot of curve balls and there are terrible situations where people are in genuine need.  The NDP'ers and Liberals often see two things: 1. genuine needs of their fellow Canadians and 2. 'conservatives' presenting political policies that seem to 'leave people in need behind'...I believe that the conservative response ought to be public, not I publicly say:

Just because there is a genuine serious need does NOT mean the government ought to meet that need.  Conservatives should not be embarrassed or ashamed to say this.  We should be proud to say, "oh my goodness, this genuine need is truly great...let us not declare this the governments job to solve...but can I help??".  This position counters the Liberal/NDP race to arms (create program to meet need; pay for with taxes).

In my place of work, I BOLDLY declare small 'c' conservative principles about: family values, personal responsibility, free market and work ethic.  People are NOT opposed to conservative principles when you 'partner with them' and walk them out.  If we the people, out of genuine compassion, help others and ourselves, we place less of a strain on 'needs' that cry out to government officials. Today, lets determine to be proud that we can rise up and solve problems through our ideas and actions...we don't have to cry out to the government to solve every problem.  Fear and concern with NDP people ought to lead them to see our responses of compassion to people's needs...not a poll showing a massive exodus of their support bleeding to the Liberals.

What can you do today that demonstrates that we can solve the problem through helping others versus 'leaving them behind' only for the government figure out?  Is it worth your effort?

When I see a need not being met that is NOT the governments to meet, I do not reach out to the government and say, "this need is not being met because the people who are responsible are failing...can you create a program and help?"...Rather I look at myself and say, "what can I do to take up my responsibility to help and serve?"

What is your position on this subject?

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