Thursday, 31 March 2011


Today's Thought:


Dear small 'c' conservative friends; during this election, let us NOT argue with others, rather let us decide today that we will model our conservative principles in our daily life.
Less government via us acting in compassion to help others IS a powerful argument when modeled, but a pathetic argument when talked, but not walked. We have the real deal here: help others, take personal responsibility and through this, place less demand on government services. The government ought not to invade every area of our life with their inefficient, money spending expansionist ways. The only answer to less government is people rising up and loving and serving others; we are more efficient/cheaper than them, so let's get on it!

by Ryan Jantzi


  1. Politics has never been a strong suit for me. Possibly due to the lack of interest and what I believed was relevant in my life in the past. I am thankful for passionate people like yourself who openly discuss their thoughts and beliefs on this subject if only to get people like me to think more deeply into what is going in the government. Whether we like it or not what happens within the government will effect us drastically with every change that is made. That being said, reading this, I absolutely agree with your thoughts. As a parent that concept hits home. Modeling the behavior we want to see come out in our children, not just talking the big talk. If we believe something is "truth" or a fact of real change. Then the only way to prove it is to simply example it.


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