Thursday, 31 March 2011

Oh Boy, More Spending...

Re: the liberal plan to spend billions on a massive program creation for child care.

Why is it so uncommon and so hard to ask simple questions when it comes to the liberal's relentless efforts to spend billions of dollars on programs? I'm specifically referring to the recent liberal strategy of a multi billion dollar childcare program.
Simple answer, because children are incredibly valuable and 'spin' can brand any legitimate question as 'not caring' or not, in the interest of brevity, I have reduced my list to just 1 question:

Who says it's the governments jurisdiction and responsibility to create this massive multi-billion dollar program? 

Jurisdiction refers to scope of authority and responsibility, boundaries….for example, Jack Layton does not have jurisdiction to force himself into my home and demand I make him a beet salad.  So by me refusing to allow him entrance into my home, am I lacking compassion? Am I lacking compassion by not making him a beet salad? No.  Now, if a parent refused entrance of their 6 year old daughter into their home and refused to make them food, would that be lacking compassion? (among other horrible things) Yes!...because there is responsibility within one's jurisdiction.  The parent OUGHT to feed and provide shelter for their child.  The same parent has NO "OUGHT" to allow Mr. Layton into their home and provide a beet salad.  The "OUGHT" comes from one's jurisdiction and responsibilities therein.

Therefore, when we ask the question, "is it the governments" jurisdiction and responsibility to spend billions of taxpayer dollars on childcare…my answer is, no. It is not their job to 'care for the child'…it is the …(can you think of the answer…)….
Yes, you got it….the parents job.  Wow. How did we ever figure this out?   Therefore, if it is indeed the parents responsibility and jurisdiction, then there is NO lack of compassion by an individual not supporting the massive program.

The government should not be telling parents, "we will further plan the economy by spending more tax dollars to do the parents job and have your kids looked after…all because you have a 'need' ". 
The government taking on parents responsibilities is like a teacher filling out answers on the test for a Grad 9 student who did not bother to study.  It's not really the teachers job to 'make the student' successful by 'helping the student' get an A via filling in answers.  The teacher calling it 'compassion' is really bogus…you are only hurting the student by saying you are 'helping the student in need' different than the government 'helping the parent' by solving the 'immediate need' is equally lacking in true compassion…
the need that parent/parents require being met ought not to come from the loving hand and deep (debt ridden) pockets of the government.

The need ought to be met by the parents: or loved ones if the parents are MIA. If the parents and loved ones are unfit/unwilling to care for the children…then the jurisdiction passes to the government.  this is a worst case scenario for the terrible tragedies of life…not a multi-billion dollar program for any parent with a 'need'. Parents, we have work to do!  Don't look to the government to solve your problems…look to your responsibilities as a loving parent: after all, we decided to create life and care for that life.

I encourage all of us parents to continually ask, "what is my responsibility as a parent, and how can I grow in this?"  This is a fantastic question that should be welcomed and discussed with your friends and family.  Look to invest in others who may be struggling in this area.  The teacher would be better off asking the Grade 9 student, "why did you fail this paper and not study?"  versus overseeing the student and writing down the correct answers on the test.

Mr. Liberal, it's equally better to ask, "why are you looking to the government to look after something that is your responsibility?"

If the need is truly great, and all other options are off the table…then Mr. Liberal, and only then, do you have jurisdiction to claim 'compassion in helping others'…in that case, I would be with you.

For an understanding of what happens when a government encroaches on parents God given responsibility, please consider the following: (Study by think tank on Quebec government run childcare):

Bottom line (no surprises really):
1. it had negative impact on children and parents
2. aggressive behavior in children
3. substantial increase in hyperactivity and anxiety
4. increased illness in children…versus rest of Canada
5. more mother reported depression (shocker)
6. children fought more

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