Saturday, 16 April 2011

Mr. Layton is Honest

I think we can all admire Jack Layton's honesty and sincerity. Mr. Layton is too honest for politics.  He is actually admitting his socialist agenda will break families!!!
No need to make this big Conservative argument about socialism hurting families! He does if for us...he wants to break us!!!
Don't take my right wing word for his own platform!
Print. Englarge text.
NDP Platform
NDP Platform: Practical First Steps
See-eeeee!!! Told ya!!!
My Goodness, He exposes exactly how he is going to break us:...with his socialist agenda!  He uncovers his own secrets and makes them common for all!

Table of contents

If anyone needs help translating, it's about as wordy as Carl Marx and makes about as much sense too.
I am happy to de-code.

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