Saturday, 16 April 2011

A Strong Case for Limited Spending

My business is a powerful argument against 'left leaning policy': make your place of business one too!

My goal is to extend this argument beyond my 20 000 square feet of space.

Will you help?

My business is built on valuing people. On loving people. I lead with passion and an attitude of learning. I argue against lefties not by words, but by lives changed. I cheer when either myself or somebody else develops a skill that a) makes them worth more money and b) puts less of a strain on the government. We focus on identifying our jurisdiction and embracing our responsibility. We foster the building of relationships to hold people accountable to results they are paid for. Sometimes this is not pretty, but the relational approach of valuing people, in conjunction with coaching to build skills, delivers a winning combo to help everyone on the team. Focusing on jurisdiction and carving out responsibility gives employees the opportunity to get results. And when they are not delivered, we strive to rally behind the individual to help them get these results. I believe this:

1. Builds peoples skill sets
2. Improves results (increased profit for company, and pay for employee)
3. Acknowledges our true value
4. Strikes a proper balance between profit and people (it's not either or...)
5. Fosters 'long term relationships', specialization in skills and basis for innovation

These principles are the same in my family, relationships with friends and yes, even politics.

The comments from previous blogs are 100% based on a set of principles that are the core values.
Here are some principles:

1. We have jurisdiction as people, and therefore we have responsibility within that jurisdiction
2. We cannot live in isolation, we were built to relate and connect with other people
3. Connecting with people IS better then connecting with programs and institutions
4. Other people hiding my failures does not help me
5. Love says, help me in area's I am responsible for but failing in, walk with me, partner with me and help me get better. (Principles 1 and 2 means this help comes from... people I am connected to!!!)

In families, athletics and work, these principles are almost universally accepted.

Calling our political Hypocrisy:
Yet, when we enter into the realm of politics all of a sudden we see a dramatic abolition of these values/principles. It becomes unspeakable to tell someone, "you don't need a program, you need to take responsibility, build relationships and through that, the problem will be solved... taxpayers then pay $0".

Part of the reason there is such a disconnect between principles of politics and our lives is because we fail to live out these principles, and we feel bad for other people suffering. So instead of a massive gut check and transforming our political thought to align with our basic core values, we realize it's so much easier to say:

1. Canada has incredible wealth/resources
2. Other people/companies are exceedingly wealthy
3. Borrowing is cheap, therefore we can have what we can't afford (welcome national debt)
4. We are a compassionate people and terrible problems exist
5. Spend, create, spend: voila.... gobs of programs to meet 'needs'.

This disconnect is unacceptable. I call for a return to a seamless connection between family, work and politics. The same values and principles we embody in work and home ought to be the base for political policy: as scary as this sounds.

Aligning my core values of politics, work and family is not easy. We are 10 years into business and I am still struggling in many area's to better carve out my jurisdiction and take responsibility.  But I am committed to the process and therefore feel I have a firm and consistent ground to argue for small 'c' conservative principles.

Here are my action points:
1. Accept Responsibility. Operating out of core principles is hard. It is easier to deflect and abdicate responsibility
2. Get Help. We are not 'lone rangers', we cannot build on our own... we need the help of loved ones.
3. Be Humble. If we are operating in humility and committed to the process of growth with our core values, work and family get better!
4. Live It Everywhere. Once our lives in work and home model this 'principled' approach to growth and helping others, THEN (and only then) will we have credibility to extend these values to the political arena.

Right now, the politicians are calling out our hypocrisy. We conservatives argue for limited government, but the principles to obtain limited government we struggle to execute and live out in our home and work. They call that gap out and fill the hole with spending, programs and massive debt. This also explains why they encroach on area's that are not their responsibility.

I led off with my company's story, not to brag, but to make a point: that our lifestyle at work and home ought to model the very principles we argue for in the political arena. That is how we effectively argue and shut down left leaning policy. We "out-result" the left-leaning spenders. Not "out-argue".

We show results in the following area's:

1. Take responsibility for what is ours
2. Grow in that responsibility (work/home); in the context of building meaningful relationships
3. Note our growth and help others (note their growth, they help others; and on and on the cycle goes)

Showing results in this area causes less services to be drawn on from programs and therefore lower spending is natural and without 'slashing or burning' anything.

We have a powerful argument here friends, lets determine today to connect with loved ones to bring that alignment in home, work and politics and you too can create a powerful, transformational case for limited government. It's ours to lose fellow Canadian... we have the votes.

Have a fantastic day.

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