Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Top 3 Tips on receiving your next raise...

Top 3 Tips to get a raise: Any good lawyer does not ask a question they do not already know the answer to. Similarly, when we ask for a raise, we should know the answer will be in our favor before we ask.  And here's how to know:

1. Request communication, not a raise
Key Questions: "what results equate to me doing a fantastic job?" and "I would like to meet periodically to discuss how I am doing and welcome any feedback on my performance to bring improved results to the company: when can we meet?"  Document responses. Execute on conversations.
This shows confidence in yourself, ability to understand the company's needs and makes it about you serving, not you getting. 
2. When you ask for feedback about your job, embrace and welcome the comments: however harsh/direct. Do not defend yourself when receiving the feedback.  Thank them for the feedback! By keeping your chin up and making direct eye contact, you can hear his/her concerns and simultaneously communicate you are able to internalize their feedback and respond in strength.  This produces results for the company and puts you in a rare club: congratulations.

3. Approach the boss with knowledge and confidence that you are adding value beyond your pay scale. Asking for a raise should come with excitement in your voice, because you are allowing the boss to recognize your results.

By knowing what the boss expects, you now have a mutual measuring stick form which you can do meeting periodically, you will hear that you are meeting/exceeding expectations, or, correct what needs to be changed.  When it becomes plain you are adding more value then your pay and your boss has given feedback in line with this, approach with joy because the raise is yours!

This is a 'winners' attitude and if your boss is not on board, there are 1000's of companies that would embrace this approach.

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