Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Top Tip on Great Resumes

After reviewing 1000's of resumes, I encourage you with the Top Tip I have discovered on how to write a powerful resume that catches the attention of the right person.

Top Tip: Don't make the resume about you...

This sounds opposite to conventional wisdom...but here is what I mean:
-People endlessly write about themselves, their skills, their goals, their passion, their interest and their experience
-This often leaves the reader wondering if you even know what job you are applying for.
-This often leaves it up to the reader to interpret your resume to see if you are a fit...

Here's the solution:
a.) study the place you are submitting a resume to: how do they make a profit? What do they do?
b.) study the job you are applying for: how does the job you are applying to contribute to their profit?
c.) make a connection for the person reading your resume!!

For example:  "After reading your website, I discovered you place a strong emphasis on serving your clients with excellence through smiling and and each team member operating efficiently within their role.  By considering this resume, you will see an outstanding fit that contributes to your profit by me serving with excellence and learning my role more quickly. Please see below for further details.

Then curtail your experience, skills and everything else to 'their' business and the job they would have you do.

This creates a 'homerun' resume that I assure you people are begging to read!  Good luck!

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