Thursday, 14 April 2011

Top Tip On Dealing With A Difficult Boss / Customer:

Top Tip On Dealing With A Difficult Boss / Customer:

Do not defend yourself!
Perhaps sometimes we do not appreciate what the boss is telling us, or how it is being said.  Conventional wisdom suggests we build a defense to what we perceive to be an authority 'imposing' false or misunderstood data on us.   

Here is some wisdom from my personal experience: 
·         Most bosses/customers react irrationally when they feel threatened with loss of power (i.e they cannot produce the results they are paid to get)
·         Irrational responses directed at you are often 'reactions' of insecurity because they are unable to properly communicate how you can best serve them.
·         95%(ish) of the time, the 'irrational stuff' they dump on you is not "final" in their minds, or the minds of those they speak to: they just want a certain job done. 
Action Items
1.      Thank the boss/customer for sharing. Swallow the stupid stuff (excluding abuse). You are not paid to ensure they coddle your sense of justice.
2.      Clearly explain how you are going to solve their problem and help them get what they need (that is what you get paid for).
3.      Determine you will speak to a loved one about the frustrations and begin to chat about how to strategically approach your boss/customer about improved future discussions.
By not defending yourself against bosses/customers irrational behavior, you are making the issue about serving them by solving problems and not about their injustice against you.  Ultimately you get paid to solve problems. In due time, this principle properly applied will allow you to solve problems and move past the frustrations, or give place for the free market to recognize your efforts.
Focus on the process for success... not the problem!
Have a fantastic Day.

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  1. this is what ryan taught me over several years of working at B & R (before i had kids and quit). A principle i think of often. It really works - i am a better wife, mother, friend, sister, and employee because of this. Take to heart people!


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