Thursday, 5 May 2011

Wisdom For Living Out How we Vote:

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Denying individuals the beauty of building relationships devalues their worth and potential;
     Loving relationships being built is the starting point to helping those in need. 

We all have hurts, wounds and fears: dreams destroyed and loved ones we are in conflict with.  Partner with others as you face these obstacles knowing you can more then overcome.

A heart of compassion should drive you to act from your free will, not force others to act on your wills behalf. 

100 yard dash does not achieve "fairness" when we let the slow runners get a 30 yard head start.  It's when we sound the gun off at the same time for all.  If you have a passion for helping the slower runner, work with them and train them: don't re-jig the rules of the universe: it just does not work that way. 

I was hopeless and found hope in those who love me. Programs do not love me: People do.

Vote how you parent your child.  Admit it: we all dislike when our kids say, "it's not fair".  We tell our kids how to overcome this mindset...we do not cater to it. Now that we are grown ups, we should be advancing in this, not regressing.

Receiving a  hug from from our child's freewill and glad heart is better then a mandated scheduled hug that is forced on her by law.  If the left was to extend this logic to their politics...oh happy days.

This is an exercise to encourage you to share what is inside of you: I will select the 'comment of wisdom' and donate $25.00 to charity of that individuals choice!


  1. I like how you say, "A heart of compassion should drive you to act from your free will, not force others to act on your wills behalf." I believe authority is a good thing. Therefore being under authority is good as well. Humbling, yet edifying. Sometimes people in authority can have a complex, which causes them to 'lord' their authority over those beneath them. As much as we hate when people abuse a place of authority for their own gain and their own will to be accomplished, people still manage to vote for it to happen. I vote we all look inwards and learn to take more personal responsibility so the govn't wont feel the place is theirs to make our decisions. We are capable of making good business desisions, and good decisions for our family. Now reach deep inside and make it happen!

  2. Nice post Ryan.

    It occurred to me as I was reading this that the ideology that first said, "You can't legislate morality" is same one that wants to legislate compassion, which is inherently based upon moral values.

    As you say, an institution (like government) cannot love or be compassionate, only people can be. Government can only take and then redistribute. Only people can give so others can freely receive. One is based upon force, the other on compassion.



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