Friday, 6 May 2011

The Power of Focus

When we focus, we bring something to a central point. 

I am overwhelmed in business often.  A phrase I use to settle down is, "make clear and distinct".  This means that there are typically several issues mixed together bringing confusion and frustration: and my job is to separate issues so i can deal with them individually.  I move from an overwhelmed state to being ready to solve each problem. 

Here are 3 practical components of focus that you can implement today which will give you an incredible edge on the troubles within your world.

1. Breathing:  typically when people are under pressure, our body's breathing patterns change and we become anxious.  Between rounds at fights, the number one thing a coach always tells his fighter to do is settle their breathing down.  In our world, this advice cannot be underestimated.  If we can concentrate on our breathing, our body will be settled and we can then position ourselves to 'hone in' on the various issues impacting us.  Find a friend who will give you gentle feedback on your breathing during tense moments.

2. Eye Contact:  Meeting thousands of people I can assure you with confidence lots of us typically struggle with eye contact.  When we are unsure of ourselves, under pressure, made a mistake, angry or a host of other variables, I find our eyes look away/down from other people.  I encourage you today to 'lock your eyes' on their target.  By doing this you are declaring to the world a belief in yourself.  This is hard for lots of us. Mom's, this is one of the most powerful resources at your disposal to control the environment with your children.  Good eye contact speaks value over those you are focusing on.  I find developing good eye contact habits is best achieved by continually challenging yourself and receiving encouragement from other people. 

3. Body Posture:  our bodies do a fantastic job communicating to others: for better or worse.  By posturing our body in an erect manner directed to where our target audience is, we are making a statement that we are positioned for overcoming.

If you are 'struggling' to own your world and problems seem intense, I encourage you today to realize our posture is a MAJOR part of the solution.  Our posture of 'focus' allows us to settle our breathing down, direct our eyes and set our bodies in a manner conducive to success: despite the problem at hand!  This is best applied with other people encouraging us.  Let's make a statement today that we are prepared for success despite the challenges around us!

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