Thursday, 9 June 2011

Declare Your Love For The Free Market: Privatize Canada Post

Why unions are in for a long, hot summer
“If companies feel like they can’t get the deals they need here, they can shift production to other parts of the world,” he added.
The power of unions at the bargaining table has declined worldwide because of increased mobility and fewer labour restrictions in developing economies.

Let's use these strikes by unions to free the market.  Somebody should start a open list that Canadians can genuinely sign up to. Who would work for CUPW's pre-strike contracts? Anyone?  I wonder how many day's (hours?...minutes?) until 100 000 names were on the list.  It's a shame the free market can't operate with our postal service.  It would increase productivity and lower cost.  It would humble the proud, and exalt the humble.  

The contrast between the 'real business world' and the fairy tale world of the CUPW is striking, no is.

Turn right and let's privatize the postal service.


  1. This money would have fueled Canada Post for a while. There's plenty of money in Ottawa, like 26 million going to Libya to interfere in a civil war for oil, and now this gem.

    The government didn’t tell Parliament it was approving $50 million for a G8 legacy fund that doled out cash for projects in cabinet minister Tony Clement's riding based on his advice, according to the auditor general, who could find no paper trail to explain how the projects were chosen.

    We could also redirect some of that cash to here:
    The basics of life -- education, child welfare, clean drinking water and adequate housing -- are persistently and dramatically substandard, and in some cases deteriorating, says the report.

    Clement gets a new bandshell for his riding, but these people don't have clean water.

    Ryan - is this fiscal policy really your vision for Canada? This is how our country should operate?

  2. U make fair points we ought to look into. Honesty and valuing others is key.

  3. Anonymous: I share your concerns, and the solution is less government.

    Regarding the first nations: Is it possible the government is actually causing these issues? By emphasizing government solutions instead of personal responsibility we're motivating the wrong behaviour.


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