Thursday, 9 June 2011

She Arrived From Alpha Centauri With Wisdom For You

Business owners, grab your pens and take notes.  Her complex algorithms may take time sort out: try to follow her diagrams. Luckily for us slower folk, she has words beside some pictures to help us follow.

She is trying to raise $500 000 for her business idea: seriously, she is.  (Meow)


  1. Will Brigette DePape secure the Canadian franchise rights?

  2. I can barely type for laughing....

  3. You owe me a new keyboard and monitor!

    Note to self: Never drink coffee at the computer desk

  4. Like great idea, like ,... you know. Like it will like you know like, be real like cause it won't like leak out like.

  5. I like a lot of things too! But!...I like beating on brain-dead hippies most of all.

  6. This gives me confidence to start my ocean water sale business. Wow. How inspiring.


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