Tuesday, 7 June 2011

How To Advance Your Family: Live Your Life Opposite To Left Wing Policy

Please Consider: 

Recycled federal budget won’t help struggling families 

“A majority of Canadians want the Harper government to cancel its plan for more corporate tax cuts and instead invest the money in the quality public services families need,” said Clancy. “The Harper government is paying too much attention to the budget deficit and not enough to the massive jobs deficit,” said Clancy. “No new spending at a time like this will only harm Canada's fragile economy. In fact, the budget will make the unemployment problem worse because the austerity measures will mean thousands of job losses in the federal public sector.”

Blown away yet?
Here's their mandate:

NUPGEThe National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) is one of Canada's largest labour organizations with over 340,000 members. Our mission is to improve the lives of working families and to build a stronger Canada by ensuring our common wealth is used for the common good.

My Analysis:

The redistribution of wealth is on the FRONT of the minds of so many Canadians.  Despite being known as a polite people, we sure have no problem telling Canadians to pony up their money for others.

Why do Conservatives do such a poor job 'calling out' the logic of these socialists?  All bloggers should agree on a 'vernacular strategy' for our redistributionist friends.  If Jack Layton can call massive taxes and creating programs "investing", then we should be able to come up with some 'common language' on our own. 

Let's look to 'expose' core principles of the socialists in our country (difficult given how afraid the NDP are to release their constitution) and 're-brand' their soft and 'loving' mantra. Everyone, this is a mental exercise  with 4 parts.

1. pick your favorite 'surface statements' by the NDP (or any socialist group in Canada)
2. articulate what core principal the mantra is based on
3. tell us the problem with the core principle
4. replace their 'pansy lingo' with what it really is

Let's stop giving the left a free pass each time they cry out ungrounded things like "leaving no Canadian behind" and let's start talking about what that really means...especially in the absence of their (NDP) constitution.

I'll start:
1. Common socialist mantra: "Working hard for families"  (NDP party)
2. Principle based on: wealth is shared by the people and therefore controlled by government.  People are within families, therefore, by increasing spending and taxes we are honoring our core principle of redistributing wealth from private ownership, to common ownership
3. Problem with core principle:  this view is greedy and selfish.  It denies people the fruit of their hard work and attacks basic human rights of private property and advancement.  It devalues poor people by making them succumb to government programs versus the beauty of building though relationships in the private sector.
4. New Socialist Language: "Destroying families, by destroying wealth" Actual NDP mantra.

Please, comment below.  And if you support the NDP party, I BEG you to tell us
1. Your favorite left-leaning mantra
2. articulate what core principle this is based on
3. how you feel this serves Canadians
4. Thank You.

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  1. 1)Investing in Canadians
    2)believing that the govt should be there to educate and guide people into careers that the govt feels are necessary to the health of the canadian economy.
    3)the govt is usually two steps behind what the market is doing. the special interest groups involved in promoting this agenda are usually running these programs to make an easy paycheque for themselves. when free money is given to someone who is just laid off, they really are not concerned with getting the education as they are with getting a paycheque to get them by until they get called back to work thereby pissing away all the money used on the program. has the effect of increasing tuition costs by skewing the supply/demand characteristics of higher education facilities leading to increased student loan costs and fewer spaces for those who actually want to learn.
    4)relive your college days on our dime



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