Wednesday, 8 June 2011

"Stupid Free Market"

Canada Post switches curbs delivery after plummeting mail volume, union announces rotating strikes

Turning up the pressure, Canada Post announces it is moving to three times a week delivery in most cities because rotating strikes have slashed mail volumes in half.

“Our volumes have dropped off the cliff,” said Canada Post spokesman Jon Hamilton
The company’s latest move means their wages will shrink.

My oh my, can you imagine just what the union workers are thinking? The free market is sending half the mail...which means half the work needing to be done...which means lower hours by union members.  If I was all about 'me', 'myself' and 'I', I sure would be upset with that stupid free market.

Hey, I wonder if it is possible that the same free market that has a right to send half the mail also is able ask Canada Post to find replacements who are willing to work.  My bet is that stupid free market can replace the strikers in a jiffy.

As a hard working business owner I figure we should be striving to please those we serve.  When I don't get my way, folding my arms and demanding justice has brought $0 in sales.  Take a body check and move on...least the free market have their say.

The body check was against the rules. Take it from Sedin CPUW, it's best to get over it.  Play the game and have fun.  There are lot's of others who would love your cushy spots for much lower rates. 


  1. Your picture makes this relevant:

    "Prime Minister Stephen Harper is being accused of wasting taxpayer dollars for his decision to use a government jet to attend the Stanley Cup finals in Boston on Wednesday." "According to the government’s estimates, a flight on the Challenger costs more than $10,000 an hour, which the opposition deemed too expensive two days after the government announced a new wave of austerity in Ottawa. "

    So immediately after announcing a tighter budget and trimming the fat from government, the "fiscal conservative" runs out and spends taxpayer dollars to use a government jet to go watch a hockey game?

    Ryan - is this the fiscal responsibility you voted for? At least Layton would have given it to some poor aboriginal women or something.

    How does this type of arrogant entitlement help Canadian families?

  2. Humm...I can remember when Mr. Chretien went skiing and didn't attend a funeral for a foreign official...funny no one complained about him having fun instead of doing his political duty to a foreign country's leader...and I can bet he didn't pay out of his pocket either. Mr Layton is no better living in controlled housing even when he and the mrs. made more than enough to move out and let someone more deserving have a roof over their head.

  3. Instead of comparing to other wasteful examples, maybe you can explain why spending at least 20k of tax payer's dollars on a hockey game is OK?

  4. Hey Ryan, I like where you're going, but whats your conclusion?

    I suggest: privatize the postal service, end the government enforced monopoly.

  5. I guess it depends on whos ox is being's o.k. to complain about the PM spending money to go to a hockey game...he did pay for his airline ticket for his daughter and himself at the rate of going commercial but being the PM he is not allowed to fly the other parties and their wasteful spending, I don't see anyone coughing up any coin for compensation.

  6. Canada Post and CUPW are still at the negotiating table discussing the issues....However you don't get the true facts from CPC....Both are playing a media game right now and it is hurting everyone...However that is what happens in these political wars because that is exactly what it is...Because I work there I can tell you that most people would NOT do the work for less...At least not after the first month and they realize what they have gotten themselves into...Take a walk with a letter carrier for his whole day sometime...Or work in a plant for 8 hours and learn some empathy first hand.

  7. The person who passes up your product to purchase a cheaper product with similar attributes is not interested in you, nor is likely to have any empathy for your predicament, they are making the best/most logical choice for themselves.

    I'm afraid that I have no "empathy" for you, anonymous postie, since you not only charge far more than I am willing to pay for mail delivery, but you also provide dreadful service for that price. Email is cheap and reliable and I can choose from several companies like FedEX, Purolator or UPS to deliver physical packages quickly and cheaply. Tell me again why I should spend more of my hard earned money for your crappy service?

  8. Well Anonymous 23:52 you must realize that you are getting paid to do a job....if you do not like the job and how much you suffer because of the have choice to can leave and find one that makes you happy...just a suggestion though, since working the floor is so tough on you, don't seek employment in the retail or food service industry or an other job that requires standing for long period of time. I would also eliminate anything dangerous like firefighting or police work or roadwork where drivers speed past you at a great clip. I think office work might do it, you don't have to be out in the elements...not much walking involved but I don't think that you would get paid the same wage and there are no unions in office work so there would be no guarantee that you would not get fired if you didn't perform to the company standard and to top it off when you start work you are on a three month probation to see how you will fit in with the rest of the company. Maybe if you sat down and think about your situation wise that don't have it that bad but there is always a solution to home truck...many stops...customers goes and gets their own mail..would get rid of a lot of letter carriers and all that heavy toting. Isn't Canada great when you can decide for yourself how and where you want to live and what job will make you feel worthy.

  9. to all you lefties. the pm is not required to stay at home every day when he is not on the hill. i have never bitched about lib pms taking government planes. they are required to do so. with all the leftist idiots out there his life would be in danger.

  10. Left right up down, who cares. This isn't displaying fiscal responsibility nor trimming of the fat from Ottawa, which is what he just got elected for. If you can't see that point of view your are blissfully ignorant. All leaders are capable of mismanaging funds, and when you just finished saying you're going to cut the fat, adding gravy on top is hypocritical.


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