Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Jack Layton kinda spills the beans: his stock is falling

Budget out-of-step with Canadian families: Layton

Budget fails to provide leadership on job creation, health care or pensions: NDP 

“Draining the treasury by billions of dollars every year helping out profitable oil companies and banks won’t guarantee a single new job is created,” said Layton. “It does guarantee money will be drained away from the things Canadians count on every day, like health care and infrastructure.”

This is Jack Layton's basic logic:
Premise 1  Less government spending (in some areas: admittedly not yet defined) + less corporate taxes = no additional Canadians employed
Premise 2  No Canadians are employed as a result of premise 1,  and the government is responsible for stimulating economy (job growth) with spending
Premise 3  The budget fails Canadians due to Government abdicating it's responsibility to employ people  

I underlined what socialists ALWAYS 'forget' to mention in their presentation to Canadians.  Perhaps the same forgetfulness exists with finding where the heck their Constitution was last left…(ha…left…).
Or, perhaps they do not always forget, but it is contrived and intentional.  They are leaving out the critical aspects of their logic because if they admitted to them, their influence would erode to a patch of core supporters…kinda like the Communist Party of Canada. 
Socialism may sound good to some when it's about 'caring for people'.  The socialists have rode this message to 100+ seats.  Socialism sounds lousy if ever they would use direct language.  Just picture Jack Layton's website headline: NDP demands Harper work against free market by increasing taxes and social spending.  Not so appealing now, eh?  No wonder they 'cover up' their logic.

Conservatives, lets expose the NDP's hidden agenda by demanding their Constitution and exposing their simple 'surface logic'.  Our families are too valuable to allow this destructive and hurtful political hogwash to influence our communities. 


  1. Layton voted against bills that were for families and marital aboriginal women property rights, so did the Bloc and Liberals.
    The last budget in which had items requested by the opposition parties was not even voted on by them.
    Jack thinks that women, families and the poor are stupid, ignorant and incapable to think for themselves so he instills in them that he he is their only hope for survival.

    If the media had covered the NDP properly, there is no way NDP would be in Opposition.

    In my opinion, the NDP are not to be taken lightly,like a passing cloud.

  2. It's instructive to note that to Mr. Layton, declining to take a dollar of tax from a corporation is tantamount to cutting them a cheque for a dollar. He doesn't view your earnings as yours, but his to spend on society's behalf. The only reason why he targets corporations is because the people hurt are sheltered through their portfolio.


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