Monday, 31 October 2011

Jux. Fathers


Edmonton soldier held infant daughter days before he died

I won't quote from this article as you can read what you see fit.  Canada suffered a tragic loss in the death of Master Cpl. Byron Greff.  I will consider another blog, another day to comment on the mission, but for now, I am devastated that Master Cpl. Byron Greff's heroic patriotism comes at his daughter (and entire families) expense.  May God's peace be on his family and may they be comforted during this tragic time.

And on the entire other opposite end of the 'heroic father' spectrum:

Phoenix Girl, 3, Dies After Stepfather Brutally Beat Her for Not Eating Hot Dog

I cannot wrap my head around either story.  I do believe this, fathers, we hopefully have a wake-up call to realize the privilege and responsibility we carry.  Consider your time with your family a gift and the best investment you can possibly make.  Time and love is something we should have a deep well of capital to invest from.  I am humbled by our hero at home and repelled by the "______" down south.  Both stories paint a grim picture letting us know about the impact and power of a father: I deeply encourage you today Dad's, let's step up our game.  Let's make an extra effort to express love, devotion and commitment to our children: be tomorrow's hero today. 

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