Thursday, 3 November 2011

Del Mastro Get's 2 Minutes For Tripping...

Justin Trudeau fumes at Tory MP’s ‘bad Catholic’ taunt

Dean Del Mastro, the parliamentary secretary to the Prime Minister, said on Facebook last month that it was “outrageous” the Catholic school board in Peterborough, Ont. had invited Trudeau to speak for a second time in three years.

Mr. Dean Del Mastro, it's on me:

Even if I gave you the complete benefit of the doubt, your comments still sound ridiculous, elitist and condescending.

I will presume you were sincere, kind and really care that because he does not live out his faith (to your satisfaction), he is therefore disqualified from speaking at this Catholic event.

It was the Catholic School Board who invited Mr. Trudeau.  Secondly, the purpose was to inspire children.  He is not speaking in front of the Pope at a mass on the subject of the Trinity.  I hope you see the difference in scope.

If imperfection was a disqualifier for speaking Mr. Del Mastro, then neither you or anyone would ever be able to speak at any event.  On the subject of inspiring children for international service and leadership I would look for the following qualities:

-demonstrating like character in his own life (on the subject at hand)
-posture/attitude of growing in personal faith (again, not perfection)

Despite disagreeing with Mr. Trudeau's political views, he clearly demonstrates the above qualities.  Therefore, he is a great choice (and perhaps Mr. Kenny too!).

Mr. Trudeau, accusations are a dime a dozen. I encourage you to dust off his comments and surround yourself with people who are encouraging you to go to that event and are proud of your journey in your faith.
For what it's worth, on behalf of right leaning, clear thinkers: I am sorry for the condescending comments from our camp.  Go have a great time at your event and let us know how it went!

Mr. Del Mastro, what is more important to you...being right and breaking relationship while losing credibility (Mr. Trudeau was quoted as saying he does not value your words), or building relationship and using that influence to speak into another's life?  I submit Mr. Del Mastro, the latter should be.  If you are about 'making call's' on the Catholic faith...I think loving your neighbour ranks miles higher then 'being right' on such a matter (I'm not Catholic, so I'm only guessing).  If so, Mr. Del Mastro, would you kindly reconsider your point of focus?

With that being said, I think we can all learn a lesson from this drama-fest.  Focus on building relationships, not on being right...unless the person is in imminent danger.  I have found when you build relationships where the other person perceives you care and value them...then you have a place to discuss such matters...until then, I have found it's best to:


  1. I see it another way.

    I think it's about time someone called out these so-called Liberal "Christians" who do not live their faith. Those who say they believe one thing but do another are being incongruent with Biblical teaching, especially Matthew 6:24: "No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other."

    Liberal views on abortion and gay marriage by Catholic politicians need to be scrutinized and if there is hypocracy, then so it should be mentioned for what it is.

  2. Larry,
    thanks for the comment.
    I agree our lifestyle should match our beliefs. That is what we should all be working towards. He is not speaking as an authority on catholic doctrine. If he were, your points would be valid. He is speaking on inspiring young kids to be a better leader, and serve. He is speaking on a subject he is living out quite well: inspiring others to serve. I'm sure you would view the man in the church kitchen washing dishes (serving the church) differently then a priest giving a message at mass. If the man washing dishes was struggling with being a Catholic because he thought homosexuality was not immoral, are his privileges of washing dishes forefit? Or do we cheer him on and let him serve in a capacity that both serves others and encourages him? I submit we should be cheering others on, not holding them back. When it comes to one's area of authority, then your point is valid...the priest would and should be under significant scrutiy with respect to his lifestyle and beliefs on such subjects because that is his rehlm...
    Hold Justin accountable within the rehlm of infulence he has. he is inspring kids to serve and lead. His life lines up in that area: so let him go for it. The scope of relaionship is limited to once per every few years, not 6 hours a day, everyday. Again, otherwise your point would be valid.

    with respect to your last comment, I agree. But speaking at a school is not speaking in parliment. Also, all of us are working on not serving 2 masters. 100+ times a day i find myself leaning towards things that try to serve 2's a constant battle, as I am sure you are aware, to serve only 1 master...that is why we need to cheer and encourage...focus on building relaionships so that by influence and vlauing others we grow. This does not negate my comments about holding one accountable within their office (which supports your point)...but it suggests he is no hypocrite for genuinely trying his best and thinking differently (even if we agree he is wrong in core beliefs). He would be a hypocrite if he told everybody homseuality was wrong, but was a homosexual himself. Hypocricy is not 'trying and failing'...'or being wrong within your faith'. Hypocracy is imposing a moral code on others that you knowingly disreagard and oppose in your life. If this be true, he is no hypocrite that I can see at this point. I said a lot, hope some points help...Ryan Jantzi

  3. Trudeau is in the public eye and what he supports in parliament is what makes the man. If he supports abortion in parliament but he says he's personally opposed, then he is a man divided. He can't be two opposing views at the same time.

    I have no problem with him speaking at a school event in a non-partisan capacity, but I have difficulty with so-called Christians who do not live their faith. That's why I see Liberalism and Catholicism as incompatible, yet these politicians have been given a free pass all these years. That should stop.


  4. Did not know he supported abortion in parliment, but opposed personally. If so, that makes no sense. Then u r right; he is indeed divided.

    I agree with your so called Chrisitan point as well. Liberalism is indeed incompatable...

    Ryan Jantzi

  5. Pierre Trudeaus kid is probably as good a Catholic as his Father. Which is to say, not much. Unless of course one believes that legalizing sodomy and having no recognizable or even reasonable restrictions on abortion is a sign of a good Catholic. The words deviant or hypocrite comes to mind, or perhaps opportunist. if it's okay for PET jr to express his hypocrisy and religion of convenience to school children then surely it's okay for Del Mastro to point it out.

  6. So, does this mean Trudeau is the right fit to speak to youth in an institution that bases its education on catholic belief?
    Everything in that school system should be done within that point of view.
    For anyone to admit they can keep their faith while at the same time stand in opposition to those tennets of faith is not bargaining in good faith....that means I'm calling him a liar.
    If he can say that with a straight face, he could just as easily use that pretzle logic to justify any kind of social engineering just as his dad did.
    Lets try this thought experiment.
    Assume that the young prince managed to become PM and prior to winning said mandate, he exclaimed he opposed a carbon tax, even though his platform said they would do so. Would you take him at his word?

  7. Joseph, watching ufc, will answ. Sun...

  8. Not a comment about Trudeau just a thought for a previous poster.

    Liberalism and Catholicism are not incompatible:

    Can you not agree with the basic principles of a party and still fight against laws with which you do not agree?

    A proud Liberal and a proud Catholic.

  9. Trudeau says "he is personally very opposed to abortion, but still believes nobody can tell a woman what she should do with her body." - OK I get that. However, I also get "But then, a Catholic has the duty to stand up for the poor and oppressed. The unborn are the poor and oppressed." If he were to make pro-abortion comments in his talk to the students this would certainly be a cause for great concern. If he openly fought for the pro-abortion cause and then were presented to the students as a role model - also a cause for great concern. I don't know the context of his presentation or his history but I don't think you should paint all Liberals with the same brush.

    What I don't get is Conservatives who call for less government but when it comes to issues of abortion, legalizing gay marriage etc. call for more government? Or the idea that voting Conservative would necessarily mean an end to legalized abortion - Tim Hudack vowed not to reopen the issue if he were elected. Would he have made a difference?

  10. Joseph,
    Him being wong about abortion politically, but not personally does not make him a lier, it makes him...wong and confused. Therefore there may be trust issues w him, but not for reason being discussed. Also, I am not saying he is the best choice, I am saying pending he sticks to the script, he could speak as a motivator, not a representitive of a sound catholic...given his said confusion. If the catholics wanted to get a professional to speak on dental hygene, could they not use a non-catholic, pending they stuck to the script? I doubt justin would say anything contrary to the faith, just as the oral dentist is likely unlikely to speak on the faith. Both could do well pending they stuck to the script. Sorry 4 spelling, BB.

  11. An, 5:53,
    I will do a post challenging your point. Tx 4 the comment.

  12. An 625,
    U can have 'more gov' if needed where the gov has jurisdiction. For example, let's say (assume) that for the last 200years, lawmakers forgot to put a law in that said, no stealing...and we noticed that lots of people stole ultra hardcore wingnut conservative gov could still aruge for a law to be passed b/c the think stealing falls within the jurisdiction of the gov. So, con's argues for less gov b/c they have no business in those particular areas. This is how they ague for 'more laws' 'gov'in some areas, while still fighting for less gov in most. This is sensible and compatitable...(What is up for discussion would be the area' we choose to have more gov in). We can't say 'end all gov. Laws b/c we want less gov.' Least there be stealing in the streets. Does this help?

  13. So it is not necessarily a call for less government. Just less government when it concerns your money. Not as black and white as "they do not have jurisdiction". They should stay out of affairs where "they do not have jurisdiction." More subjective - choose where you think they should have jurisdiction. The language in previous blogs assume a more black and white stand-point. It was just a point of clarification.

  14. Correct. It may be, or it may not be. No, not just less when concerning my money. My money is not a factor. The language in previous blogs suggests my opinion on where the government has jurisdiction and why. It is not black and white at all, and I tried to communicate in that manner; thanks for the feedback. My point I think is valid in that gov. needs to discuss why they think they have jur. beyond 'i see a need'. Ryan Jantzi

  15. "Hypocricy is not 'trying and failing'...'or being wrong within your faith'. Hypocracy is imposing a moral code on others that you knowingly disreagard and oppose in your life."

    Yes, like del mastro attacking someone's faith when he seems to have two. He identifies himself as "confirmed roman catholic who attends a pentecostal church. Now that is hypocrisy. I'm sure he doesn't just use his "catholic identity" for catholic votes.

    Mr. Trudeau lives his faith in his personal life.Religion is personal and not something one should impose on anyone else. I live my life by my religious beliefs, but I don't try to make other people live by them.I don't want politicians trying to shove their personal religious doctrine down my throat or creating legislation that would.


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