Friday, 4 November 2011

I Am Trying My Tail Off To Hire...I Need Help!

Canada sees biggest monthly job loss since 2009

The Canadian economy unexpectedly shed 54,000 jobs last month, the most since 2009, a sign faltering business and consumer confidence is slowing the pace of hiring.

Jobs numbers are subject to monthly volatility, but losses of this magnitude are “extremely rare,” aside from recessionary periods, said Douglas Porter, deputy chief economist at BMO Nesbitt Burns. In fact, the last such hefty job drop outside of recession was in September 1996, he added. “No question, this is an extremely loud warning shot for the economy.”

What's a manufacturing business owner of 11 yrs have to say on the matter?  Hopefully something.  I am trying extremely hard to hire people.  I am fighting like crazy to employ people, build skills and wages.  These stats are both concerning and what I have been telling readers are imminent if we continue to run our quasi-socialist nanny state programs via burdensome debt and taxes.

Listen politicians, decide what camp you are on so we know how to vote.  Do we want bigger government with higher taxes, resulting in more stats like these and more horror stories like Greece ka-booming? Or, will you end the failed Trudeau led 70's outpouring of program-loving, wealth depleting government intervention? 

Listen folks, taxes and gov. debt crush the private sector. Endless regulations, rules and measures of protection strangle business.  The free market becomes the 'restricted market', and we wonder why business is not hiring?

So the left argues, 'gov. spurs/grows the economy and protects workers'. Bull.  The gov. extracts wealth by the generators thereof and draws it unto themselves (with a regulating cost, of course) and inefficiently passes it of to 'bring up' the downtrodden.  This comes at a cost to economic output, and therefore real wages and hiring go with it.  The collective group of the 'downtrodden' increases and the fatal blow has occurred: they turn to government for more entitlement...and so the cycle goes.  Go the free market for wealth creation. Go to your friends/local faith group to be picked up.  My argument is not cruel, but sensible and logical.

If you are hardworking and want a better country for you and your kids, then fight to keep more of your money.  Work hard to give to charities/faith groups that efficiently meet the needs of those who need help. This model will build the economy and people exponentially better then our government infiltrated  marketplace.

I welcome your input.


  1. Perhaps these joker's quit to attend the "occupy crowd."
    Less work = more lea sure time except of course, for the weather.
    I'm hoping for lots of ice and snow.
    Merry Christmas - Or - should that be Happy Holiday's for the politically correct dregs?

  2. Most of the job losses were in Ontario, where the public service unions managed to squeak through one more electoral victory.

    No one seems to have connected the dots, or if they do, they are being very quiet about this...


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