Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Time for Coup De Grâce? Try Coup De Greece.




Greek referendum ignites German anger

European politicians complained that Athens was trying to wriggle out of the rescue deal agreed only last week, concerned not so much about the fate of Greece as the possibly dire consequences for the entire currency union.

Translation?  The Greeks decided to jump off the ship only to realize the water was colder then expected. They began demanding others pay the price for their stupidity and insisted on other passengers to stop what they are doing and throw them a raft.  The Greeks were about to say, 'thank you for bailing us out', but then realized they are the socialist party and began to ask instead if the other nations could find a larger boat...after all, rafts are not that durable. 

The socialists have rejected their remedy (if you can be naive enough to call a bailout a remedy) because austerity violates their core principles. They would rather go bankrupt spending, then realize the stupidity of socialism.  I guess that's possible when another core principle of socialism (abdication of personal responsibility) works so deep in the mind of it's citizens. 

The Greeks are plying Russian roulette with a fully loaded chamber...the odds don't look good.  Drop the gun and run for austerity, personal responsibility and a huge does of humility. 

Canada, watch Greece fall and take note. Socialism does not work, it's a diseased cow that needs to be shot for it's own good. 
Greeks, you whine, cry foul and demand...with no security on your debts and no revenue to pay.  You are looking at a life line from 'bailout nation' and are spitting on it because it means forgoing your socialist agenda?!

Germany, France shoot the wounded solider and walk away from the deal.  Give them up to their own selfish vices.  Unless Greece tears it's clothes in sackcloth and ashes, begging for mercy...let them realize the fruit of their choices.  If there's one thing a prosperous socialist nation does well, is prevent people from realizing the consequences to their choices.  If there's one thing a broke socialist nation does well, is let everyone see the misery of their economic philosophy by losing freedom, wealth and employment.  If the Greeks truly see/feel and experience the latter, perhaps they will learn that there are consequences to choices.  This is the 'mercy killing' the wounded Greeks are actually begging for, regardless if they know it or not.  We were not built to whine, cry, play the victim and demand something for nothing.  When the Greeks see this (hard way if needed), all will be better off. 

I don't feel good telling it like it is, but I take solace in this message reaching the Greeks and them one day thanking me for caring enough to let them know there are better options.

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