Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Great Read On Sowing And Reaping

Kim Kardashian called ‘selfish’ by ex-publicist: ‘She knew marriage was a bad P.R. move’ 

“Kim used to be the sweetest down-to-earth person, she was the coolest chick around! She has just become this different person who is eager and hungry for fame. She has a mass craving for attention,” he says.

 Kim Kardashian at in-store appearance for KARDASHIAN KONFIDENTIAL Author Event, Barnes and Noble Book Store, New York, NY November 30, 2010. Photo By: Gregorio T. Binuya/Everett Collection Original Filename: 1030N03_XX004_H.jpg

Greek government vows to pass cuts in "fight for existence"

Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos pledged on Friday to pass sweeping austerity measures in parliament next week, declaring that Greece was in a "fight for our existence" and defying union opposition and rebels in the ruling Socialist party's own ranks.

Social Utopia sounds wonderful in politics and entertainment.  Reality always brings us back down...sometimes in 72 days...sometimes over the course of many generations.

Let's decide today to sow seeds of thankfulness, personal responsibility and focus building relationships that last.  It's both good for the economy and our lives. 

We are not entitled to fame and fortune. No amount of government redistribution or press will satisfy that deep longing for us to be loved and valued.

If we sow seeds of entitlement, fairness, excess and a demanding attitude then by golly, that is what we reap. Sad that it's our own government sowing those seeds. 

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