Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Expert Analysis On A Blown Conservative Budget

Is it me, or does this cartoon remind you of how Jim sounded in his economic update speech?

Pic from book by Robert J. Ringer: Winning Through Intimidation

Regarding the budget update:
They say he sounds like a liberal, with no accountability and that he delivered news of a failed Tory promise: to balance the books by the agreed upon time.  Got it.  What seems to be lacking in the analysis is the why behind sounding like a liberal, with no accountability who breaks promises. So here's a fun angle, let's put Jim Flaherty's budget update into another context. Join me for a brief moment and see if this does not make sense:

As noted, Jim delivered his update to a bunch of conservative friendly yuppies.  He was the keynote speaker who cracked jokes, bragged about the awesomeness of Canada and diverted from the real issues.  Let's pretend (stretch here...) he had to deliver his 'project' update to the CEO of a real life company with real life accountability to results...join in on how his tone would have carried over to the real world.

CEO:  Hi Jim, the purpose of this meeting is to analyze the results you were hired to achieve as project manager of this key development our company is striving for.

Jim: I'm thankful to be here!  Hey, Did you hear?

CEO: ....Pardon?

Jim: Did you hear about the rich rabbit?....He was a million-hare!

CEO: Please, we have limited time. Jim what are the results?

Jim: Well, funny you mention that. I would first like to point out a list of competitors who are struggling with the exact same project I am working on...and I really must say, we are doing quite well.

CEO: Jim, I asked for results, not diverting peripherals that detract from the essence of what I am paying you for. Again, what are the results?

Jim:, sure of course Mr. CEO.  I have direct quotes from other business leaders who specifically told me that our team and I are doing a great job.  We are making great progress! Although we blew the budget I promised to hold to, it's really kind of neat...we actually blew it for reasons beyond our control...the economy took a tumble so the productivity took a slide resulting in lower output and increased expenses.

CEO: You're kidding me.  Are you telling me....

Jim: Sorry to interrupt...if I could make just one more point.  If it were not for my management and our teams outstanding performance, we could have been way worse off.  I mean...way! Our approach saved lots of money and we...

CEO: Silence Jim!  Your telling me you blew the budget forecast and are shadowing that in a mix of bragging about variables irrelevant to the results I am paying you for?

Jim: Well, not really you see...

CEO: Yes, or No...?!?!

Jim: Yes with a really good reas,,,...

CEO: Jim, listen: you were hired to get results: productivity within the framework of a budget.  You walked in here cracking jokes, bragging about how good you were and 'rescued' things from being cited other people who supported your efforts and you pointed to irrelevant factors all doing one simple thing: deferring from the obvious. You were paid to get results and you failed.  Had you come in humility and put your cards on the table and said, "Mr. CEO, you gave me a mandate and I failed. Here's what I will do to restore trust..." I would have worked with you as you are a talented man.  However, if you blow the result, and don't owe up to it but deflect, you become a detriment to my organization. Jim, thank you for your services, best of luck in the future. Your employment ends today.

By elevating his environment (chamber of commerce, standing behind a podium, addressing a crowd of laughing friendlies, packing his speech with fillers irrelevant to the results on hand) he comes off as what other say: liberal, no accountability and broken promises: aka arrogant. 

Mr. Flaherty, you are a gifted man with lots of smarts.  I implore you to take heed to the following:
1. Put yourself before a committee that asks tough questions. Give direct answers.  Have them sit on higher ground (small platform??) so they appear to be the one you are serving (not vice versa).  Answer directly and honestly.
2. Take responsibility and articulate how you will solve the problem. Keep it simple, clear and direct.
3. Take your bragging sideshow to another discussion.  We all want to hear your opinion about the government's leadership...but not to soften the blow of missed results.
4. Send me a thank you card for this great advice.


  1. What ever made anyone thing that there are anything but liberals in Ottawa?

    There won't be a real conservative in Ottawa until the country is beyond salvation. Then they will be brought in to save us, but won't, then will be blamed.

  2. Yes the liberals in blue fail again.

  3. Can I send it to the said minister?

  4. Sure Pissedoff, if you feel it will serve him.

  5. HMMM,,all the big no nothing mouth pieces are out in force on this blog.If any of you know it alls can do better,run for office or just STFU.

  6. Hi Bertie,
    thanks for your comment.
    Sounds like the principle you are sharing is, "if you can't do better, don't share a negative opinion". if this sounds fair, then does you sharing your opinion mean you will be running for office trusting you can do better?

    kind regards,

  7. I can,t do better.And no thanks about the offer to run.We had too many years of corruption under the Liberals and now that the Conservatives are in power and trying to get us out of a recession that the Liberals never had to deal with,the name calling by idiots starts (Liberals in Blue) what an idiotic statement.If you want all your money spent on Carbon Taxes and Ontario wind mills that hike your Hydro bill 200% and other goodies like maybe hike the HST to 20 %. Well have a poll from tax paying Canadians and see how many want this Communist way of life.The Conservatives are not shoving you tax dollars into brown envelopes,they are just coping with a world recession that is unfortunately dragging Canada along with it.If you prefer to be unemployed then call PM Harper and tell him to stop propping up your employer with the cash that keeps you employed.Fortunately our PM has more brains than the twits who complain here all the time,and will continue to spend so you can maintain your job and your standard of living.Give him a little slack and let him do his job,because not one of you brain dead bloggers or commenters can do better.I may add all the supposed brainy no it all economists do not have as much knowledge as Flannigan or PM Harper on what is going on and most of the time their stupid headline grabbing comments devalue your stocks and drive our dollar lower.So their supposed expert opinion should also be to STFU


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